John Christopher Goerlich was born on Christmas Eve in 1948. Oddly enough, that same day the neighbor's house burned to the ground and the furnace in John's parent house blew up. John's father, George, took John's older five brothers out for Christmas dinner, but they could only get frog legs. This fed an annoyance with John that they still carry to this day.

John lived on a dairy farm, though the cows were eventually sold off. He had the freedom of the fields and woods growing up that led to an appreciation of nature that he still has today. Ever the enigma, John spent his freshman year in Sacred Heart Seminary, studying for the priesthood. He left after a crisis of faith and, before graduation; he was married for the first time. This marriage blessed him with two beautiful daughters, Amy and Melissa, but sadly, only lasted seven years.

Then came the period sometimes referred to as his "Roaring Twenties!" It was the early '70s and wine, women and song (as well as other things best left unsaid) occupied his time. It was at this stage in life that he learned he could not drive a motorcycle through a tree stump (which almost cost him his leg, and had a dramatic impact on his later life).

He married again at 27 years old. This marriage lasted 23 years (he was getting better at this man-woman thing) and produced two fine sons, Jeremy and Jake.

In his life, he worked at a variety of jobs, from construction, banking, factory work, technical writer, up to becoming the Vice-President and General Manager of a 12 million dollar company. Although, if you were to ask him his favorite job, he will always says cabinet maker. He loved (and still does love) working with wood.

After selling the family home in St. Clair, John moved to a rental home in Redford, which he later purchased. It has a huge back yard with many maples and evergreens and just enough gardens to satisfy his soul without overworking his body. He lives a quiet life there, along with Caley (the cat). His latest passion is cooking, and he enjoys trying to create original dishes.

One constant in John's life is the love of reading and writing. He won poetry awards back in his teens, and then switched to writing music and songs in his twenties. Work and parenting intervened and it wasn't until his fifties that he picked up his pen and began to write poetry again. This website, a Christmas gift from his son Jake, was originally designed to showcase that poetry. It evolved as John evolved, and first, photos were added, then a blog or journal, so that family and friends, now scattered across the country, could keep abreast of what was going on in his life through his pictures and words.

Noli illegitimi carborundum