Thursday, December 3, 2020

Tales from the blog: Whistle of the wind

I found the Gene Merollis/Gordon Wilson jingle connection interesting. Both were Detroit metro Chevrolet dealers around the same time.

Wilson began to make inroads in the Salt Lake City market around 1965 and eventually moved there. Perhaps he noted the success of Merollis' "great, great guy" campaign and took it with him. His obituary does open with the line, "Gordon R Wilson 'The Great, Great Guy!'" However, I remembered a This American Life episode which began with a story about Frank Gari jingles written for various cities but using the same formula. I then expanded my "great guy" search and found some other great guys:

Wanger notes in his interview, "Kind of a cute advertising campaign. It came out of Detroit. I had known the guy that had created the campaign. Remember the Morollis [Chevrolet] ads that ran in the Detroit market? It was just like the Morollis stuff. He was the great, great guy in Detroit."

The 1969 Merollis location is now a Gordon (Stewart) Chevrolet. Merollis itself is now Genesis Chevrolet. The 1969 Wilson location closed in the 1980s.

On to the radio stations...

  • I question the reference to KRUX out of SLC, as we would have to believe the call sign was shared with the Phoenix station or that the signal could travel 600+ miles (a stretch for AM in the daylight hours). I read through SLC radio histories and was unable to locate a similar sounding call sign.
  • I take back what I wrote previously about FCC histories, as I was able to find one for KSUB. It is now a talk radio station.
  • I believe KPEG was actually KPGE out of Page, Arizona. It is currently a country station.

There are two photos missing from this post which were not in the journal: the first is the unnamed "scenic view" from 4:40 PM and the second is the Navajo Bridge from 7:45 PM. Based on the travel times between Imperial Point and Cape Royal, I believe the scenic view may have been Roosevelt Point Overlook.

Lastly, the typist note regarding the illegible river is in the original manuscript. I do not believe I have done any in-text annotations.

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