Thursday, November 12, 2020

Tales from the Blog: There was a lot I didn't write down

The opening shot on this one with the Vega and lake is my favorite. I am unsure if it was purposeful or a happy accident but it feels very Vanishing Point.

The boulder in Tower Falls eventually fell in June of 1986. I was unable to locate a specific date and it does not appear that the event was witnessed. This information was in the linked article but I am unsure if anyone would click through and it felt worth mentioning since the question was asked.

KID radio in Idaho Falls is now a talk/news station.

When looking at the mountains/peaks near Pocatello, I was able to find Wild Horse but not "Kemp Fort" or the unnamed one. Wild Horse is about a mile south of Kinport which looks/sounds close enough such that it is probably what he noted as "Kemp Fort." Two miles north of Kinport is an unnamed peak. Both Wild Horse and the unnamed peak's line and proximate parents are Kinport. Outlier possibilities are Howard Mountain (four miles north of Kinport and same lineage) and Gibson Mountain (three miles south of Kinport but different lineage).

This week's main mystery was the location of the rest area in Utah. Of the rest areas that exist in the region that were around in 1972, both are east of Salt Lake City on I-84. Time and distance of entries should have placed it south of SLC on I-15 near Draper. I spent a good bit of time on Utah's DOT site, as well as searching old atlases, newspapers and travel guides. I eventually found an article on Utah's Deseret News site from 1995 regarding the closure of a rest area near exit 279 on I-15. It was approximately 10 miles south of the Draper exits and fits within the timeline. I located an aerial photograph from 1984 which appears to show a south and northbound rest area off exit 278. I reached out to some very helpful folks at UDOT who confirmed there was a location south of exit 279 and, "he did believe it was a photo of that rest area." (Thanks!)

Lastly, we were forced to use Bing Maps this week, as Google refused to route along the Grand Loop outside of Yellowstone Lake. When I went back to update the map's destination, even Bing refused to use the Grand Loop. My understanding is usage of this road is seasonal, so perhaps it is closed or nearing so.

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