Thursday, October 22, 2020

Tales from the Blog: Marlboro Country

Part of the delay between posts is matching up the photographs with the entries. Some of these are easier (“did get a picture of the West 80 sign”) than others (“took picture of more of those fields”). Google Map’s Street View has been a big help in matching up terrain. My favorite example thus far is the rest area from the beginning of this post. I was concerned about finding the location because we had a lot of rest areas close in Michigan in mid-late 1990s, as the metro area pushed north along I-94. Not only does the Pine Bluff’s rest area still exist, but so do the pictured pavilions and the bronc rider silhouettes (though now faded).

Unsure if the date changed in the last 50 years but if you are traveling to Dubois, the rodeos are on Friday nights.

Radio station updates:

  • Not much KRAE history before the 1980s when it was licensed for classic country. It subsequently changed formats to sports and is now oldies.
  • Could not locate anything on KEKD out of Casper or KSJT from Jackson Hole.

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