Thursday, September 10, 2020

Tales from the Blog: Little homesick, like always

I decided to link items that I was looking up anyway. The map at the bottom of each post is an estimate based on the entries. For the starting point, I chose Mount Clemens because I could not find a definitive source on the Farmer Jack location. My hunch is that it is 50 North Groesbeck. It is a Planet Fitness now but was a Farmer Jack at one point and the building was constructed in 1966, the same year of Farmer Jack’s expansion in the metro area.

It would have also been a near straight shot down North Ave from 24 Mile Road.

The other mystery from this entry is the chili and water dinner with a toast to Burgess. I started at that point and could not find a Burgess/chili connection. My guess was it was literary but search did not return anything of value. Then I started thinking maybe Burgess was a childhood hermit neighbor. I have settled on the theory Burgess may be the author of the book he is reading at dinner and the chili is unrelated. I am open to alternatives.

Lastly, there will be an ongoing puzzle related to radio station call signs. There were a lot of opportunities for data corruption here - did he mishear, miswrite, misread, mistype? Additionally, call signs are retired and unless someone posts their history somewhere, it does not appear that the FCC readily provides this information. Or, at least, I did not find it in my hurried searches. With this post, it is Chicago's WCFC. All of the information for WCFC leads to television stations, with most pointing to it being primarily Christian-oriented content.

The closest link I could find that would make it comparable to CKLW would be the predecessor to WCFC, WCFL-TV. WCFL-TV was intended to be the television sister station to the Chicago Federation of Labor's radio station. WCFL radio had adopted a top 40 format similar to CKLW in the late 1950s.

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