Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuesday's Tale

I got up at 6:20 a.m. and made a cup of coffee. I drank it while I finished up the Blog entry and then posted it.

Breakfast was two eggs over easy with Italian bread toast.

I shaved, showered and got dressed for town. I have to fetch my Sawzall. Also, I told Courtney I would stop by and drop off the boys birthday present. She had a party for all three kids that I couldn't make.

Sidebar: One of the items on the short list of suggestions were bubbles. The boys like to blow bubbles. Now, I figured lots of people would be buying them those little bottles of bubbles. So, I went to Party City and got a gallon of bubble juice to refill them. I also bought some wands that were different (stars, etc.). I couldn't find those big circle wands that make those huge bubbles (which is what I wanted) locally.

I stopped at the Looney Bakery first and bought a dozen mixed donuts for them (I always do).  Then I headed back to Middle Belt and up to Eight Mile and Marsh Power Tools. I gave them $28.00 and asked what was wrong with it. They said there was debris on the brushes, so all they had to do was clean it.

I went to Courtney's house, but no one answered the door! Odd, because she said she'd be home all morning. I was making her little dogs go nuts with my knocking, so I gave up. I put the present and the donuts on the rear steps (the ones that they use) and drove home.

Sidebar: She called a little later and apologized. Since I was so vague on the time (and I was) and the kids were bugging her to go to the park, she took a chance. I told it it was no problem, I wasn't going to stay long anyway, just wanted to drop off the gift. I told her I'd drop by another day to see them all.

I changed into shorts and a t-shirt. It was hot (hotter than yesterday) but the was a nice breeze that made it more bearable. So, after lunch (another sandwich - the last of the salami, thank God) and an hours rest I went out back.

I got the tractor out of the shed and cut the back yard. Since I was just sitting there (with my Minneapolis-Moline hat on so I didn't sunburn my head) it wasn't too bad. Now the back yard is done, except for trimming.

Speaking of trimming, after I put the tractor away, I got out the trimmer and went to the front yard. I trimmed the front ditch. This was not as easy as it sounds, due to the angles. It took a long while, but I got 'er done. I had just started trimming around the rocks that line the gardens when the battery died.

So, I went inside, put the battery on the charger and swapped my sweaty t-shirt for a dry one. It was just after 2:30 p.m. I decided I'd start dinner after 5:00 p.m. (early for me, but I need to make my Sunday dinner) and watched DIY shows until then.

At 5:00 p.m., I started prepping for dinner. I was making Pepper Steak over Rice.

Now, when I was researching Pepper Steak over Rice, I found about a gazzion different recipes. Most involved adding some sort of canned tomatoes. But, I found one (just one) where you added fresh tomato wedges at the end. Different, so, I went with that.

First I sliced up a one pound round steak into half inch slices. Then I pounded each one to 1/4 inch.

Sidebar: Sounds like a lot of work, but it wasn't. Took a couple-three wacks to get them thin. At first I thought, "Why not just cut them 1/4 inch in the first place?" Then it dawned on me it was probably to tenderize them

I sprinkled them with a tablespoon of paprika and set them aside while I prepped the rest of the vegetables.

I sliced up two green peppers. I crushed two cloves of garlic. I diced up one cup of a sweet onion (you were supposed to use green onions but I didn't have any). And I cut two large tomatoes, each cut into eight wedges.

I put two tablespoons of butter in my non-stick skillet and browned the meat. Then I added the garlic and 1 1/2 cups of beef broth. I let that simmer (covered) for 30 minutes. Then I added the green peppers and onions. I covered it again and let it cook for five minutes more. 

I whisked together two tablespoons of cornstarch, 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of soy sauce. I stirred that into the meat mixture and let it cook, stirring until it was clear and thickened (about two minutes). Then I added in the tomato wedges.

Now, I must admit, I cheated on the rice. I used one of those Uncle Ben's microwave pouches (butter and garlic - it seemed fitting). I made a bed of the rice and topped it with the meat mixture.

Then I ate dinner. It was good, but not great. Not enough tomato taste. Next time I'll go with a recipe that adds in the canned tomatoes and maybe stick in a few tomato wedges just for looks.

I cleaned up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher. Then I watched my NCIS shows (both reruns) until the news and bedtime.


  1. No SOY sauce? But it does sound good

  2. Yes, there was soy sauce (reread the paragraph about the cornstarch). It was okay, but I always hope for "great!"