Friday, August 10, 2018


Breakfast on Thursday was hot coffee and toast. This time I used Blackberry jam on the toast. Definitely different from orange marmalade, but still delicious.

My back was a little bit better, but my legs were still shot.

I shaved,  showered and got dressed for town. I left around 11:00 a.m. to take my Sawzall into Marsh Power Tools. It hasn't worked in over two years, but I may need it this weekend. I think it's just the switch but I dunno. I never knew where to take it for repairs, but somebody from Livonia asked about getting a drill fixed and this recommendation was the closest to me. It's located at Middle Belt and Eight Mile.

Since I was coming back on Middle Belt, I stopped at Westborn to get some veggies for another pasta salad.

I stopped at CVS and they had two more prescriptions ready. Three more had not yet been approved by my doctor and they suggested I call her.

Back home, I changed clothes and lay in bed, thinking about grass cutting. I thought about it long enough I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I started prepping for the pasta salad (I wanted it to be able to stay in the fridge to get really cold for dinner). I did the usual green onions, cherry tomatoes, sliced black olives and a diced green pepper. Then I added my extras to kick it up a notch (I saw this in another recipe and thought, "Hmm...").  I added in a couple of handfuls of baby spinach. Then I took four slices of hard salami and cut each into six pieces (like a pizza).

Sidebar: They cut theirs into quarters, but that seemed way too much.

Meanwhile, the pasta (tri-color rotini) was done, so, I drained it and then rinsed it in cold water.

I mixed everything together, added in some feta cheese, topped it with the last of my bottled Italian dressing and stuck it in the fridge.

I watered the porch plants and walked around the yard, looking at plants, weeds and "stuff."

I got in the mail.

I watched the news until 7:00 p.m. Finally it was dinner time. I got out a cold drumstick and served up some pasta salad.


In my efforts to "kick it up a notch" I wrecked a perfectly good pasta salad. I didn't like the addition of the baby spinach (I have nothing against baby spinach, I just didn't like it in the pasta salad.) And the hard salami was too peppery.

Sidebar: I went back and found that recipe to see if I should have bought a different kind. But all it said was "salami." I don't know if there is a milder salami I should have used.

Also, there wasn't enough dressing.

Disappointed, I watched TV until bedtime.

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