Friday, August 3, 2018


Thursday was a perfect day here in Redford. I finally got off my ass and went grocery shopping.

This time I did manage to get all the way through the store! Getting the groceries into the house was more difficult, though.

I did an impulse buy of a big, beautiful cucumber so, after I rested a bit, I made myself a cucumber sandwich for lunch. It was so good I made myself another one for dessert, lol!

My friend, B___ called and we talked a long time (it's been a while since we chatted).

I made another cucumber sandwich and ate that with chips for dinner.


  1. What the hell is a cucumber sandwich? Asking for a friend

  2. It's an English tea sandwich my Mother used to make. White bread, mayo, cucumber slices and salt. You are supposed to peel the cucumber, cut off the crust and cut it into triangles. I left the crust on and didn't peel the cucumber as I like the texture. I also just cut it in half. It's a nice, light summer sandwich.