Monday, August 20, 2018

The Sunday Story

I woke up late again after another long night. I had a cup of coffee while watching the morning news. Then I ate some Eggo blueberry waffles, still watching the morning news.

Sidebar: The Sunday morning news lasts until noon!

I finally got dressed and went outside. The battery for the trimmer was fully charged, so I trimmed around all the rocks that line my front gardens. That left a hell of a mess, so I got out the push mower and cut near the rocks to disperse the grass. Then I got out the blower and cleaned off the tops of the rocks. It looked great!!!

I was on a roll, so I got out the cordless chain saw and cut up all the rest of that pine tree. I put the logs in back (so they don’t disappear). I still need to cut the stump as flush as I can get to ground level and split about five or six of the bigger logs. But, at least the dead tree is gone.

They were predicting occasional spotty showers in the afternoon. So, I skipped lunch and started my early dinner around 3:00 p.m. I took the steak out so it could come to room temperature. The I fired up the charcoal chimney and drained the water that the sweet corn was soaking in.

When the coals were ready, I cleaned and oiled the grate. I put the corn on (five ears just fit, BTW), got a glass of Simply Lemonade and got comfortable on the patio.

It took longer than usual (the Michigan corn was much fatter than I was used to) but the corn was finally done. I shucked it outside and put it on a half sheet tray. I popped that into the oven (170 degrees) to keep them warm while I cooked the steak.

I seasoned the steak with salt and pepper (that’s all you ever need) and grilled it to medium rare. Then I took it inside, added a pat of butter to the top and let it rest for five minutes.

I posed the steak and one ear of corn for a photo shoot. I used my camera, forgetting that, since the hacking incident, neither of my USB ports are working. So, I can’t show you, dammit!

Then I really prepared my plate. I cut the steak in half and sliced that half into strips. Then I cut the corn off the cob on two ears (way too much corn) and topped it with butter and salt. Finally I feasted!

The steak was perfect and the sweet corn was juicy and, well, sweet. I was stuffed (mostly with sweet corn) but happy.

By then, the rest of the food had cooled so I put it away in the fridge. I cleaned up the minimal mess, started the weekend wash and quit for the night.

I watched TV until bedtime.

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  1. save the pictures until you resolve your problem...dying to see them, Sounds like a productive Sunday