Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hump Day

Breakfast on Wednesday was a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.

It was supposed to be another hot day. But, I found myself reluctant to go outside early (my original plan). So, I worked inside (emptying the dishwasher, starting the Wednesday wash, etc.)

Amanda called me from her work in a bit of a panic. She had gotten up early to take Keldon for his physical (before school starts). Then she drove him to his Uncle Buck's house (Uncle Buck was babysitting him today).

When she pulled in his driveway, the almost full bottle of Rock & Rye soda she had in her console cup holder tipped over onto her lap! She couldn't go all the way back home to change or she would be really late for work.

So, she asked if I would mind going to Target or Walmart and buying her a pair of jean shorts (size 2) and dropping them off. She said she'd give me the money back when I got there. I told her I wasn't doing much anyway, and I'd head out just as soon as I put some pants on.

Sidebar: I kinda wish I had shaved and showered before getting this phone call. But I'm getting more and more lazy these days.

I put the empty gas can (for the mowers) in the back of the truck and headed out.

I went to Target (I hate Walmart) and got the shorts. Then I drove down Plymouth Road to Time Out.

Amanda met me at the door. I gave her the shorts and she gave me the money and a large takeout container of Chessey Potato soup. It happened to be today's soup (they only make and serve one soup each day) and one of my favorites from Time Out.

Since I was out anyway, I stopped at Home Depot and bought a yellow mum. I never replaced the dead daisy in the mail box garden and thought this might work for the Fall.

I stopped at the gas station and filled up the gas can then topped off the truck tank.

Since I was out anyway, I ran the truck through the touch-free car wash. Then I finally drove home.

I left the truck outside and went inside to eat my lunch. The soup was great!

Then I grabbed a towel and finished drying off the truck. Then I pulled the truck into the garage.

I laid on the bed to rest for a while. Then I got up, went outside and cut the front lawn with the mower.

When that was done, I took the mower out back and cut all the areas I couldn't get to with the riding tractor.

Sidebar: Now all that's left is to trim around the garden rocks with the line trimmer.

I planted the mum. I deliberately bought one where the flowers had not yet opened (hoping it might last longer) so I didn't take a picture for you yet.

That took two hours or so. I put everything away and went inside.

Dinner was the leftover Mushroom Agnolotti. I toasted two slices of the Italian bread, buttered them and then sprinkled the butter for a makeshift garlic bread.

I watched TV until bedtime.


  1. What do you serve the Agnolotti with? Regular sauce or garlic butter???

  2. Regular Alfredo sauce, but you could use anything you like.

  3. Tried it tonight, with Bartolli Alfredo, excellent...