Friday, July 6, 2018


Tuesday was much more exciting. Amanda stopped by and we sat in the A/C and bullshitted for a bit. I bought her lunch at the Brunch Cafe - Newburgh and Six Mile. What I liked about it is you don't need to eat a ton of hash browns. They  also offer a fruit bowl. I got the eggs Benedict with the fruit bowl and she got a mushroom omelet, also with the fruit bowl. I ate her honey dew melon (she doesn't like them) and she gave me a big piece of her omelet (It was delicious).

Back home, she left and I went to refill the cat's water.

I lost my balance and crashed into  the exercise machine. It's got cables and I was stuck there for a while.  I finally got free and crawled to the steps. I used the hand rail to get back up. I have a foot long bruise on my left thigh, a  wicked bruise on my left arm and a nasty looking red left eye.

I bought a cheap-ass steak at Kroger's. Now, normally I prefer a bone in rib eye steak about a half inch thick. But, this month I have even more medical bills and $500.00 for the mower repair.

So, I Googled it. It was a beef chuck shoulder Texas broil choice. They said you either needed to cook it fast or low and slow. Two hours and it would be tough. They also said a marinade would not work. Just salt.

So, I salted it and then I went to bed.

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