Sunday, July 1, 2018

The heat is on...

Let's review: It was 89 degrees and a little muggy on Thursday. It was 93 degrees with 86% humidity on Friday. And it's supposed to be 97 degrees with high humidity today.

So, I stayed inside as best as I could in the air conditioning.

Sidebar: Come on, interruptible electrical power, don't fail me now!!!

I ate a bagel for breakfast and the last of the pasta for lunch.

But about 3:00 p.m., my neighbor sent me a video text he got from the mechanic. I am going to try and upload it.

He said the guy (I should learn his name - on the other hand, I still don't know the name of the grocery store at Beech and Joy and I've been going there for years, lol) needed to know the model number of the tractor. He said they were both next door in the pool (nice), so I grabbed the shed key and met them outside.

The mechanic said the deck and the tractor don't match! I asked how that would be possible as I bought it brand new from Lowe's. He pointed out there were four numbers under the model number and that meant it was reconditioned. WTF? He said it happens all the time. He also said whoever rebuilt this deck put the one pulley on upside down which is why it ate into the swing arm.

I got screwed, I guess.

Once he had the information he needed, they asked if I'd found the other blade. I said no. I'd walked about a quarter of the grass on the south side but didn't (or couldn't) see it. So, they said, "Let's take a walk!"

Sidebar: My daughter, Melissa, suggested using my magnetic disc in the tall grass.

So, the mechanic took the south side, Rick took the north and I walked up the middle. I found it next to the maple whose roots grow above the ground. Oddly enough, it wasn't damaged (which eliminated the theory the other blade got bent by it. The mechanic said it looked perfect, but he would match it up to a new blade. If it was, he would just sharpen it and I saved $25.00. Yes!

So, they went back to the pool and I went inside. I was feeling pretty good until I went into the bedroom...


I could have killed her. I should have killed her. But, I just yelled at her instead. I cleaned it off with toilet paper and then stripped the bed. I put everything in the washer, sprayed the mattress pad (which was not wet) with Fabreeze and sprayed the room with air freshener.

I put a towel on the mattress pad over the Fabreeze spot and took a nap while the washer did it's work.

When I woke up, I put the bedding in the dryer and went out front to water the hanging plants and the mailbox garden. I brought in the mail while I was at it.

I ate cold pizza for dinner. Then I watched TV until bedtime (after SNL). Firewoks were still going off at 2:00 a.m. I know because I was trying to sleep.

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