Monday, July 2, 2018

Sunday's Story

It was a little cooler on Sunday (only 90 degrees) but no less humid on Sunday. So, I mostly stayed inside in the air conditioning.

I had yogurt with fresh black raspberries for breakfast. My raspberries are coming in fast and I am trying to beat the birds to them - I never win (wish I knew how to make jelly or jam).

Sidebar: I did talk to Amanda later on in the day and told her if she wanted some black raspberries, to feel free to drop by and pick all she wanted during the next few weeks.

I ate some more leftover pizza for lunch.

I was almost out of large and small band-aids (not good for a klutz like me) so I put on some pants and went to CVS. It was unusually crowded. On the way home, I go the truck washed at the hands-free car wash.

I left the truck in the driveway and went back inside. I treated the demanding cat and grabbed a towel. Then I went back outside and dried the truck off. It looked great, for a change.

Sidebar: Ever since I quit working, my truck has suffered. At work, I'd get it washed two or three times a month at a real car wash. Now it just sits there with crap on it. It's a shame. I have the time so I suppose I could wash it myself. But the problem is the hose is in the back of the house. Pulling it up front is no big deal, but winding 75 feet of hose back up is a bitch!

Anyway, I left it outside to make sure everything was dry and went back inside.

About an hour later, I pulled it inside and walked around with my camera (I wanted to show my brother Carl the difference between this year's clematis and last year). Last year it was glorious, this year it's puny.

Black raspberries
More black raspberries
Day lilies are starting to bloom

Day Lilies
Under-performing clematis
Oh, by the way, the clematis out back did grow up the trellis but did not produce a single bloom. Must have been a bad Spring for clematis here in Redford.

I went back inside and watched DIY shows until supper time.

Now, my plan was to make Seared Lemon Garlic Butter Scallops from a recipe I got off the Internet. But the only scallops I could find at Kroger's were the SeaPak frozen ones which were already called Lemon Garlic. So, I had to adjust.

I cooked the scallops according to the instruction in the frying pan. Meanwhile, I heated up three tablespoons of butter, 1/4 cup of white wine (out of those little bottles - not a big wine drinker) and the juice of a whole lemon. When the scallops were done, I dunked them in the saucepan and gave them a bath.

I did one of those 90 second Uncle Ben microwave packets of long grain and wild rice.

Finally I plated them up.

It was excellent!!!

I watched stupid TV until 1:00 a.m. and then went to bed.


  1. it was " a bad Spring for clematis here in " Mount Clemens too. I could count the blooms on one hand

  2. Must have been the cold wet spring, I guess.