Sunday, July 15, 2018

Saturday's Story

Saturday was warmer still, along with higher humidity.

If you remember, Vicky was supposed to come out Friday. She had to cancel but said she's come on Saturday, which would be better anyway as Yanessa would be back home.

Sidebar: Yanessa has been up with Daniel's parents in Traverse City for the past week (a yearly tradition).

Well, when she called on Friday it was at 9:30 a.m. So, I shaved and jumped in the shower after a quick breakfast. I got dressed and then went to Looney Bakery so she and Yanessa would have something to snack on. Back home, I waited and I waited...

I was checking Facebook when I learned her cousin had come into town and they were all over at her uncle's house! I waited another hour and sent her a text, asking if she was still planning to come by or could I go grocery shopping (I need some produce).

She said she was still coming and she needed some things, too, so maybe we could go grocery shopping together. Unusual, but interesting concept, so I said sure.

She got here a little after 1:00 p.m. without Yanessa. She said her grandparents decided to stay one more day. We sat and talked for at least an hour, just catching up.

Then we went grocery shopping. I was almost out the door when I remembered I had just put on my pants on and didn't have my house key. I grabbed the keys off the dresser.

While I normally go to Kroger's, she had coupons for Meijer's so we went there instead. She was amazed at how big our Meijer's was compared to hers.She also said ours was much less crowded. We each took a cart and took off.

As I said, I only needed produce, so my shopping didn't take long. I waited for a while and then went looking for her. She just had one of those smaller baskets, but filled it with a variety of "stuff." I helped her look for things.

She used those self checkout things (I never do, I always screw it up) so I did, too. My bill came to $12.00. I reached for my wallet and found I had left it home! She said she had my back, so I told her to put in a $20, I'd keep the change and then pay her the $20 when we got back home.

Back in the car, she said she was hungry. I asked her what she wanted as we have a lot more restaurants around here since work in Livonia (I named off about 10 of the new ones within a mile). She said she'd really like to go to Red Lobster.

Sidebar: Both Yanessa and Evy are allergic to seafood, so she never gets it at home.

So, we went there. She ordered an appetizer (Lobster and Langostin pizza) and we both ordered the Linguine with Shrimp Alfredo with the Caesar Salad (we always did).

The food came, but no appetizer. Two older women came in and sat across from us, but nobody came to take their order. The waitress never came back to refill my water. We waited and waited for the bill. Finally the manager came up and explained to the women their waitress had abruptly walked out of the restaurant!

After he took their order, I caught up with him and asked for our bill. She paid it (no tip) and we drove home.

I carried my groceries in and went to get her the money for the groceries and lunch. She said to forget it. I said, "Don't be silly!" She said "All those years we worked together you never let me pay for lunch. So, I'm buying today!"

We made our goodbyes and she drove away. I was beat from the grocery store, so I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and took a two hour nap.

I was still full, so I skipped dinner, just had a snack. I watched TV but fell asleep during Saturday Night Live. When I woke up, I turned off the light and TV, then went to bed for real.

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