Sunday, June 17, 2018

Steamy Saturday

I was woken up by thunder Saturday morning, but it was sprinkling when I looked outside. It stayed cloudy and occasionally raining until around noon. Which was a problem because I not only wanted to cut the front lawn (at least), but I needed to go to Kroger's.

I made fried eggs with toast for breakfast.

I did a load of laundry and cleaned the toilets while stuck inside.

I made and ate some popcorn for lunch.

I went outside around 2:00 p.m. to water the hanging plants and the mailbox garden. It wasn't that hot yet (we only hit a high of 84 degrees today) but the humidity made it feel oppressive. My legs are still not that great, so I decided to pass on cutting the front lawn (hoping the lawn service calls me back, dammit!)

Now, here's a weird thing. As I think I mentioned, Redford went to issuing us a big black trash bin and a smaller blue recycling bin a while back. You know, the kind the truck picks up rather than garbage guys. These are both very heavy duty.

Since I don't generate that much garbage now that I recycle (I try and do my part), I have taken to putting out the trash every other week. Made sense, because the trash bin could probably hold eight or more kitchen bags, so why go through all the trouble for two or three? So, this coming Tuesday, it will be time to roll it out to the road again.

Sidebar: The recycling bin takes even longer to fill up. It's usually just paper and the occasional glass jar or can.

Anyway, the kitchen trash was full, so I took the bag out back to the bin. When I opened the bin, almost every bag had been shredded open! There was shit everywhere!!! I immediately thought: rats!!! I was not about to stick my hands in there, but I checked all the sides to see if they had chewed through. Nothing!!!

Sidebar: When I thought about it, I doubted it. This is not a cheap $8.00 Home Depot plastic thing. This bin is thick. So, I will check it out after Tuesday's garbage pickup.

My question is, could a racoon (which we have around here) pick up the heavy lid, get inside and then get back outside?

Without the Kroger visit, I was forced to raid the freezer for dinner. I ended up with clam strips and tater tots. Sounds gross, but it tasted pretty good.

I watched a movie , the news and the Saturday Night Live before going to bed.

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