Thursday, June 14, 2018

Getting over it...

I have been ill for the past several weeks, with my old friends, vomiting, diarrhea and insomnia. Which kept me housebound.

As a result, I missed the second check-up on my left eye surgery, two haircut appointments and a chance to buy Jake a birthday card in time (I did call him, though).

Sidebar: Jake's card really bothered me, because he and Carla sent me a nice Father's Day card.

I got calls, checking up on me, from my brother, Carl, my daughter, Melissa and my friend, Amanda. I also got a lot of texts from my friend, Vicky.

I finally felt good enough on Wednesday to go get my haircut. My barber mentioned she had never seen my hair or beard so long!

I stopped at Kroger's and got more Greek yogurt (I had run out and I think that's what triggered my problems).

Then I drove back home and took a long nap.

I was able to keep the yogurt down that I ate for dinner.

I watched TV until bedtime.

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