Thursday, May 17, 2018


A thunderstorm woke me up at 3:00 a.m. I went to take a pee and saw the sky light up. So, I went to sit on the couch and watch the lightning. But other than the occasional light in the sky, there was nothing spectacular. I went back to the bathroom and got a great light show.

Sidebar: This makes some sort of sense, as storms usually move from West to East here in Southeast Michigan. The bathroom window faces West, the living room window faces East.

So, I put down the toilet lid and sat on it, watching the show. The rain pounded on the window and I could hear it on the roof.

Most of the time, the clouds diffused the lightning and it was just a bright flash in the sky. But, several times, I saw the actual, forked lightning strikes. Magnificent!

I sat there until my butt fell asleep. I decided my butt was smarter than I, so I got up and went back to bed.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. I got a cup of coffee and watched the news. When it was light enough, I went out back and checked the rain gauge. We picked up just under another half inch of rain last night.

I read in bed until it was light out. Then I had another cup of coffee and some cold cereal for breakfast. I had the morning shows on while I read some more.

Around 10:30 a.m., I shaved showered and got dressed for town. Then I headed out to Home Depot for some more trimmer line. I bought a packet of sweet peas seeds on the way out.

Sidebar: The rain was gone, but it was still cloudy.

They I went to Kroger's (again) to try and find the elusive fried clams.

Sidebar: Amanda had told me Scott had made fried clams and tater tots for dinner. I asked her where she got them and said Kroger's. Now, I love fried clams. My friend B___ introduced me to them WAY back in the day when I was helping him remodel the farmhouse he bought off of the other end of Palms Road. He took me up I-94 to the end in Port Huron on a Friday night to the Howard Johnson's (long gone) where they had "all you can eat" fried clams and fries. We went there every Friday night until construction was done and I doubt if they made any money on either of us.

Around here, the only remaining Big Boy around here (Five Mile and Newburgh) still offers them "all you can eat" on Friday nights, but I've never made it there. I should.

Anyway, I went down the frozen food aisle the other day (you know, where they have several rows of freezers with potatoes, entrees, breakfasts, pies and pizza). I checked out the frozen seafood and didn't see squat (I even checked out the empty slots to see if they said "frozen clams.") Nothing!

So, I told her my Kroger didn't carry them. She said, "Bullshit! Every Kroger I've ever been to has them. They are right there with the other SeaPack stuff (frozen popcorn shrimp, etc.)"

I told her I never saw the word "SeaPack" and I spent a long time looking. She said, "Where in the hell are you looking? They are in the little freezer between the deli and the butcher counter!" Well, duh? That would have been nice to know.

So, I picked up a box of clam strips, a bag of Kroger-brand tater tots and a bottle of tartar sauce.

Back home, I sat on the porch and tried to put the new line into the trimmer. It was complicated! This trimmer uses two lines, both on the same spool. One is wound one way, the other the other way.

I kept track of how many times I turned the one way (80) and did the same the other way - I didn't want to do this again anytime soon.  I tried it out after putting it back together. It worked until I tried to advance the line. Then, BAM! One of the lines let loose and blew onto the lawn. I tried again and the same thing happened!

I gave up for the moment. I had promised Amanda to meet her for lunch, so I washed up and waited for her call.

Sidebar: We try to hook up at least once a week, since during the winter months, we don't go on many adventures.

She finally called (she had two tables come in at the end of her shift) and I left to meet her at Archie's (Plymouth Road between Merriman and Middle Belt).

Background: We often talk about food and area restaurants. She claimed that Archie's has the best omelets. I said, "We'll see!"

So, we ordered breakfast for lunch. I got a mushroom omelet with Swiss cheese, hash browns and rye toast. She got the mushroom omelet with American cheese, pancakes and white toast. Pancakes or hash browns were the side options, BTW.

Sidebar: Speaking of hash browns, I must say I liked the Archie's portion. There was a nice couple of spoonfuls on the plate and I only left a little bit. One thing I hate about most restaurants (Ram's Horn, Leo's Coney Island, etc.) is they give you half a platter of hash browns, pushing your eggs and sausage/bacon to one side. Who the hell can eat that much potatoes? Such a waste!

Amanda was right (she often is about food in the area). Nice big slices of sauteed mushrooms and just the right amount of cheese. It was excellent!

We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and I drove back home. It was about 3:30 p.m. I took the trashcan in the back and checked out the back yard. It was still muddy or wet in all the low spots, so no grass cutting back there today.

I went back to the trimmer. This time I only used two short pieces on line and it worked perfectly!

I wasn't hungry for dinner, due to my late lunch. I did eat an apple while I watched my NCIS shows. I watched the 11:00 p.m. news and the first part of the Tonight show before going to bed.

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