Friday, May 4, 2018

Thursday's Trip

I woke up at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday with the help of the alarm. It had rained hard overnight and was still drizzling.

I couldn't eat breakfast today. I have been NPO since midnight, because today I am having the cataract on my right eye removed.

So, with my tummy grumbling and a wistful glance at the coffee maker, I went and shaved showered and got dressed.

Courtney came and picked me up around 8:50 a.m. It was raining hard again. She had stopped and got herself a coffee and brought a sliced up apple for me in case my blood sugar was low after the surgery (I couldn't take my meds this morning).

The parking lot was full as always. Even my handicap sign wouldn't have helped! We ended up parking in the rear of the building in a driveway for deliveries to the building (along with others) and walking in the rain to the front and the Surgery Center.

Courtney grabbed two seats for us while I checked in. A $125.00 co-pay and a lot of signing later, I went and sat next to her. She was laughing and I asked what was funny. She pointed to the huge espresso machine sitting on the counter for  the people waiting on patients. We chatted for a bit and I used the restroom once.

Then they called me in. I put on a gown and a hair net while they checked my vitals. One of the nurses and the doctor remember me. "Weren't you here a couple of months ago?" "Yes, you threw me out!"

They put all kinds of drops in my eye (some of which that stung like a bitch!)

They gave me my twilight sleep stuff in my IV and wheeled me into the operating room and the doctor came in. It was weird, because I could see the circle his scalpel was making! The operation took about five minutes.

Then they rolled me into the recovery area. A very kind nurse brought me a glass of ice water (they had other choices, but all I wanted was water). They called Courtney in and we chatted again until they decided I could leave.

Courtney told them she would get the SUV, rather than have them push me that far in a wheelchair. So, she went to fetch it and the nurse pushed me outside under the portico to wait. I got in and we took off. She asked me if I needed her apple and I told her no, what I really wanted was breakfast. So, we went to the Leo's Coney Island near the house.

She got some sort of egg scramble (I forget the name) that she described as a deconstructed omelet. It had scrambled eggs, hash browns, feta cheese and spinach. I tried a bit and it was pretty good! I went with a half order of biscuits and sausage gravy. She grabbed the bill and we argued a bit. My argument that she had done a lot for me today and I wanted to pay eventually won out.

She walked me in the house, carrying the little plastic bag that had my eye shield and some tape in it. I have to tape the shield onto my eye before I got to bed so I don't rub my eye in my sleep.

Sidebar: That should make falling asleep easy, lol!

I was told not do do anything (even housework) so the first thing I did was to take the right lens out of my glasses. Looking through the prescription lens was awful. I got the lens out, but couldn't get the screw back in! I tried and tried, growing increasingly irritated. So, I quit for a while and just wore the glasses flopping around.

I put in my three eye drops (badly). I kept missing my eye, because I couldn't see where the droppers were.

I went out to get the mail and took a picture of the tulips the rain had opened.

I read my book for a long time, sitting in the living room. This wasn't easy because I had to keep my right eye closed.

I ate the rest of the cold pizza for a late lunch.

I eventually went back to my frames and got the damn screw in (after many tries).

I watched the evening news.

Update: I would like to report that I could see as well out of the right eye as the left with my prescription lens. But, I can't tell. My vision out of the right eye is cloudy (I had read in the surgeon's handouts that that is normal). I can tell you that for reading, my right eye is useless, so I assume reading glasses will be required.

My brother Carl called to see how I was doing. I mention the cloudy vision and he said he had had the same thing, but it went away in a couple of days.

Sidebar: There were a couple of hilarious messages on Facebook between him and Courtney about me.

I warmed up the last of the kielbasa and sauerkraut for a late dinner. I put in my three eye  drops again.

I watched an old favorite movie, Tombstone, until 11:00 p.m. Then I watched the nightly news, leading into the Tonight show. When I started getting drowsy, I taped on that eye shield and went to bed.

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