Monday, May 14, 2018

Re: Rainy Days and Saturdays post

For some odd reason, the post wiped out my edit when I tried to add in the food drive information and it won't let me update it (tried four times) It let me add "The Detroit" and that's it.

Here's the paragraphs I couldn't add:

"The Detroit news stations kept saying the Post Office was putting on a non-perishable food drive Saturday. I have participated in these before, but I usually get a note from the mailman in my mail. But, I grabbed a used Kroger plastic bag and raided my pantry. I hung the bag full of canned soups and chili on the hook I had put out on the mail box post (expressly for that purpose) a while back."

(later in the post)

"It was after 5:30 p.m. and the bag was still hanging there. WTF? The mailman usually comes before now. So, I walked out in the rain and, sure enough, the mailman had come. Apparently, this was a Detroit only food drive. I took the dripping wet bag back in the house (it had set out in the rain all day long) and hung it up in the garage to dry."

Sorry about that...

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