Thursday, May 10, 2018


I ate more oatmeal for breakfast on Monday. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed for a doctor's appointment (infectious disease) at 9:00 a.m.

I made it there just in time. I had a little wait until they put me in an exam room. Then I had a little more wait.

Finally, the doctor came in. She examined my leg. It only oozed (and then just a little) when she pressed hard on each side. She was happy! She had the prescriptions for the antibiotics refilled and asked me to make an appointment for two months from now. I shook her hand and said, "You done good, doc." She said, "No WE done good!"

I walked with the doctor on the way out. One of the nurses from the infusion room (not my favorite, she wasn't there today) came out and said, "Hi, John. Are you getting more sleep these day?" The doctor said to me, "Oh, do you know each other?" I said, After coming here for sseven weeks, I think I've met every infusion nurse you have." She said, "Oh, yeah."

Back home, I changed out of my clothes. I washed the bedding and another load of laundry (I should have done that on Sunday).

I ate more meatloaf mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner.

I half watched TV while reading until bedtime.

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