Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Memorial Day

I forgot to mention that some dumb shit down the road was shooting off fireworks. Scared the cat and made me grab my pistol.

Sidebar: I don't know about you, but in my world, Memorial Day is not a holiday. I don't wish anyone "Happy Memorial Day" for example. It's supposed to be a somber day to reflect on the men and women who lost their lives in defense of our country from 1776 to present times. Take your fireworks and shove them up your ass, idiot!

I felt like shit and postponed my grilling. I saw on TV that President Bush was hospitalized for low blood sugar and fatigue. I suppose I should go in and have this checked out. But, I seriously can't afford it. I am still paying off bills from that damn leg infection.

Instead, I am going to follow my daughter Melissa's advice. If I get this wrong, I apologize. But, I think she told me Dave's mom (who was a nurse) had Type 2 diabetes. She would wake up with low blood sugar and solved it by eating a couple of graham crackers at bed time. So, I bought some graham crackers.

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