Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Last Day of April, Thank God!

I woke up late in Monday. I putzed around for a while after having my first cup of coffee. I finally ate breakfast so I could take my pills.

It as a cool morning but, after I shaved and showered, I got dressed for outside work. Then I read in my chair.

I ate the last of the pasta salad for lunch. I checked the temperature and it was over 70 degrees. So, I grabbed my light jacket, some work gloves and the stick I made (a long dowel with a sharpened finish nail on one end) for picking up trash. A fresh big, garbage bag completed my outfit.

I started up at the rear of the house and picked up trash. And, when I say "picked up" I mean that literally. My pick up stick just works about half the time. The rest I have to bend over and pick it up by hand.

Sidebar: I used to blame all the trash on the folks who go the retraining job center next door. And, I still think it's true with the chip bags, cigarillo and candy wrappers. But I the think the Styrofoam take-out trays and coffee cups are probably from the big rig truck drivers who park and sleep back there.

When I got the rear of the house done, I worked down the fence line and into the rear garden (the worst). I got about three quarters of the way done before the garbage bag was overflowing and my back was killing me. So, I stopped for the day. I put the garbage bag in the trash container and rolled it out to the road. Then I went inside.

I washed up and then read for a while. But, the weather was just too nice. So I went out front and played solo porch monkey for about an hour (not nearly as much fun as when there are two of us). I people-watched and greeted a few neighbors.

I finally went inside and began making a simple dinner. I made an egg salad sandwich filling with chopped hard boiled eggs, small-diced celery (I like a crunch in my egg salad) and small-diced green onions. To that I added a little yellow prepared mustard, mayonnaise (of course), a little paprika and salt and pepper to taste.

When I got the seasoning just right, I put it on some french bread I had and ate it. Excellent light supper!

I half-watched TV while I read my book. Since The Voice was on, this was easy (I just listened to the singers).

At one point, I went back on the front porch for a bit. It was a little too chilly for sitting, but I was glad I did. The full moon was beautiful!

I turned the TV off at 10:00 p.m. and went back to reading. I quit reading and watched the 11:00 p.m. news, then the Tonight Show. When that ended, I went to bed.


  1. Have you ever talked to the city abut the mess in your back yard? They should have the strip mall clean it up for you

  2. Multiple times! I even offered to pay for trash barrels in their parking lot. The city refused, saying somebody would probably just kick them over...