Saturday, May 5, 2018

Friday Post-Op

I woke up late (for me) on Friday.I grabbed a much needed cup of coffee and then went through my new routine. Three eye drops (spaced five minutes apart) and then my antibiotics.

Sidebar: I have to wait two hours after taking my antibiotics before I can take my normal meds. Pain in the ass.

I shaved, showered and got dressed for my post-op visit. Then I took my normal pills.

Amanda called just before I was leaving. She was on her way into work and usually does.

Sidebar: It's not that we either have that much to say, it's just a way to keep in touch (much like me and Vicky). Plus, I enjoy listening to her cuss out the other drivers. lol.

So, I went in for my post-op appointment. I had to laugh. Yesterday we wasted 15 minutes or so, trying to find a parking space. Even the handicap spots were all taken (not that I had my mirror sign with me) and we ended up parking in what was essentially an alley for deliveries in the rear of the offices and walking in the rain to the front (but Courtney is a trooper and never complained once).

Today, the front lot had about five empty slots and the side lot was only half full. I parked in one of the two open handicap spots.

I got in quick. A friendly nurse (or whatever they are called. Technician? I dunno, but he's got a LOT of them) gave me a quick eye exam. I freakin' aced it, even though the vision in my right eye was still cloudy.

Note: My dear brother Carl told me he had the same thing, but it went away in a couple of days. So, I asked her about it. She said. "Oh. it will go away in couple of days." I said, "I understand that, but what causes it? You guys don't wash the new lenses first?" She turned around quickly, but saw I was kidding. She said, "No, it's caused by swelling from the operation" and then she laughed.

She checked the pressure in my eye and said it was within normal limits. She said to wait a few moments for the doctor to check me.

He was in there in about a minute. He checked my eye again with that little "put your chin in this strap and lean forward" light thingie and checked out my eye. He said, "Looks perfect!" He said he would see me again at the pre-op for my left eye.

That's scheduled for May 14 at 8:30 a.m. (groan) and the surgery is May 17th.

All in all, I was there only eleven minutes!

By then I was starving (I forgot breakfast) so I stopped at Bate's Burgers. Luckily, I got a seat at the counter.

Sidebar: There's nothing wrong with eating at the ledge around the windows, but you are looking out at the street. But, at the counter, you can watch the employees in a constant ballet, knocking that shit out. Plus there is some sort of camaraderie with the fellow dinners. My son, Jeremy, tried to explain that to me years ago, but I didn't understand then.

I got a double hamburger and a small order of fries. Note: A double hamburger doesn't mean two patties, It just means a thicker patty. It comes with grilled onions and pickles and you add your own ketchup and/or mustard. You pay when you order so I gave her my $4.78 and waited for my food.

It took about three minutes. I added mustard to my burger (Amanda would have puked - she hates mustard) and ketchup to the fries and dug in.

The stool next to me was then empty and an older woman sat down. We chatted a bit (mostly about the wind) while she ordered and then ate. I finished and left a double tip. I usually tend to over-tip waitresses (it's a hard life) but these women especially work their ass off!

I stopped in at Kroger's and got a few items I needed for the weekend. From there, I headed to Petsmart to get the pellets I need for this month's kitty litter. Since I was there, I stopped in at Famous Footware to check out their slippers.

Sidebar: I have been wearing the same slippers that Carla's brother gave me for a Christmas present years ago. They finally gave out (blew a hole in the sole) and I had to pitch them. I've been using my crocs since, but rubber doesn't feel that good in bare feet.

I ended up buying some Minnetonka mocs with rubber soles They are fuzzy inside (which I could have done without) but oh, well.

Sidebar: Regarding the wind: It was like a 30-40 mph with gusts up to 60. I was walking into Petsmart (with my cane) and a gust hit me and almost blew me over!!!

I got my kitty litter pellets and then I headed home.

I treated the cat and then put away the groceries. I switched out the kitty litter pellets and took them and the recyclables out to the bins.

Speaking of the wind, a number of small branches now littered the backyard I'd worked so hard to clean up. I count them as "small" if I can just pick them up. "Large" means I have to cut them up first.

But what amazed me was that in the front yard, the wind had blown off the bark from the maple next to my yard! Who the hell ever heard of that?

Back inside, I laid on the bed to read. That was a mistake as I fell asleep. I woke up at 7:00 p.m. and FREAKED OUT! I thought it was morning and I'd slept all night without my eye guard. But, I heard kids playing and my eye was still in it's socket so I guessed it was okay.

Sidebar: I got firm instructions about sleeping, but nothing about naps.

I made the blue box mac and cheese for dinner. I was trying to use up the milk before I have to pitch it. But that only took a quarter cup. I really miss the days when I was "Lechero" and could give the leftover milk to Vicky's family, instead of pouring it down the drain.

I watched a movie (The Hobbit: Battle of five armies) until bedtime.

Before I went to sleep, I had a text from Vicky saying, "Hey, everything okay?" Shit! I forgot to tell her goodnight. I texted her back that I was just stupid and forgot. Buenas noches, chica.

Sidebar: When she was thinking about changing jobs, one of her concerns was that we would not stay in touch. I promised her we would text each other good morning and good night every day. And with few exceptions, we always have.

I taped on my eye shield and went to bed.

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