Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Even Slower Sunday

I woke up early on Sunday. I took off my eye shield and (it felt like) half the skin on my face. This tape is killing me.

When I woke up, I was already sweating. So, I checked my blood sugar. Damn! It was 50. So, I ate two packets of instant oatmeal for breakfast  (there's enough brown sugar to kill a moose in there).

Sidebar: Back in December, when I got kicked out of eye surgery for my blood sugar being too high, I wen to my doctor. She changed my L
osartan from 50 mg to 100 mg. I am pretty sure that's too much. I will talk with her, but am cutting it back to 50 mg.

It stared out a little chilly, but a nice day.

I went outside and cut the chives. It took me less than five minutes to cut them (avoiding the emerging blooms) and over an hour to cut them all into 1/4 inch bits.

But, the clouds moved in and it started to thunder around 1:00 p.m. I went outside to look for lightning but didn't see any. It started raining (and raining hard) around 2:00. I was going to sit on the porch and watch the storm, but the wind was whipping around and the bench was already wet.

Back inside, I heard a weird noise and checked outside. The rain had turned to hail! It lasted less than ten minutes but it was weird, watching it bouncing off stuff.

I made a meat loaf recipe Betsy Knapp posted on Facebook. It was stupid simple and I wondered if it tasted good.

Sidebar: I have made many a meatloaf in my time. Some with onions, or green peppers or some with mushrooms and, culminating (I think) with the bacon wrapped one I made for my Mother and brother Carl. Note: He was an executive chief (WAY back in the day) and told me it would be too greasy. I tricked him by baking it on a rack over a sheet tray. It was perfect!

But, like I said. this was almost too simple.

So, I hand mixed two scrambled eggs into 1 1/2 pound of ground chuck. Then I mixed a box of Stove Top stuffing (Savory herbs) and a package of Lipton's onion soup.

Sidebar: Betsy used Sage stuffing, but I went with the original recipe.

I added a cup of warm water and mixed that in. I let it sit for five minutes to let the bread absorb the water.

Then I mixed it with the ground chuck.

I put it in a bundt pan that I had pre-sprayed with oil.

Note: this is not important. Betsy baked hers in a cast iron pan. You could also use muffin trays to make individual serving. I was going for presentation.

While it baked for an hour, I made mashed potatoes with baby redskins (skin on) and warmed up some jarred beef gravy.

Oh, by the way, I stuck in the two sweet potatoes in the oven that have sitting around forever, after I punched them with a fork.

When it was done, I plated it on my biggest platter (it barely fit). I put the mashed potatoes in the middle and drizzled it with gravy.

It was delicious!

I read my book until bedtime. Who knows what I missed on TV. Who cares...