Friday, April 13, 2018

Thursday's Tale

My insomnia came back and I woke up at 4:00 a.m. on Thursday. I couldn't fall back asleep, so I gave up, got up and made a cup of coffee.

When it got light out, I saw it was cool and rainy. I decided there was nothing I needed that bad to go out in the weather and I would stay home for the day.

I had some oatmeal for breakfast.

I did some light housework and a lot of reading during the day.

I didn't really eat "lunch," I just snacked on fruit here and there. The plums were getting soft and were not as fantastic as when I first brought them home.

Sidebar: Don't buy four at a time. Buy two and eat them right away.

The rain went away, the sun came out and we  reached an incredible 76 degrees!!! I celebrated by opening up the windows after turning off the furnace to air the house out. Then I began the long chore of picking up the branches and sticks that had fallen over the winter. Pain in the butt, but it needs to be done before I can cut the grass. I got that big branch out back moved and most of the front yard done before I pooped out.

I saw on Facebook that it was National Grilled Cheese Day, so I made my personal favorite for dinner, along with tomato soup.

Sidebar: I was pissed at the photo I took. The back lighting from the under cabinet light made it look burnt, but it wasn't. I should have left the damn light off! I also should have checked the photo first before I ate dinner!!!

I closed the windows and turned the furnace back on. I was tired, but not sleepy, from all the unaccustomed outdoor work and fresh air. So, I stayed in bed, watching DIY shows and reading until midnight.

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