Tuesday, April 10, 2018


My doctor's appointment wasn't until 10:00 p.m., so I killed some time after breakfast straightening the house.

I took along a shopping list for various stops I need to make soon.Victoria was supposed to stop by around 1:00 p.m. with lunch (it's her day off). So, I thought I'd make as many stops as I could until I needed to be home.

It was cold  and slightly snowing on the drive to the doctor's office.

I was sitting in the waiting room, waiting to see the doctor, when my favorite nurse, Kristen came out to get two patients for their infusion. She saw me sitting there and looked confused. She said, "John, I don't have any paperwork for you!" I said, "You forget you took my pic line out yesterday?" She laughed and then looked embarrassed.

Sidebar: I asked her on Sunday if she would be here today (they have several offices and nurses seem to rotate). She said, "Yes, why?" I told her I was going to say goodbye on Sunday if she wasn't. She said, "You're not going to get rid of me that easy! I'll see you tomorrow."

So, I finally got in to see the doctor. She checked and its still slightly leaking. She said she would call in the refill for the cippro and another for an oral antibiotic whose name I didn't catch. She said to plan on taking both for the rest of my life.

Sidebar: The first time she said that (a while ago), I was discouraged. But, (A) I have to take all my other meds for the rest of my life and (B) there isn't much rest of my life left.

I have to go back for a check up in a month.

Before I left, I stopped by the infusion room to say goodbye to Kristen. Before I could say a word, she gave me a great big hug and said, "Goodbye John, please try to stay healthy!" I  said I'd do my best, and if I was lucky, I'd see her in a month.

Sidebar: I wish now I would have taken a picture of her (when I first busted up my leg, I took pictures of all of the nurses that took care of me and still have the photos in an album). But, she is a tall (well, compared to all the short chicks I seem to hang around with today), willowy blond with a pretty face, a killer smile and a bubbly personality.

I left and headed back home. I decided I didn't have the time for Kroger's so I went to Westborn.

Sidebar: I have decided I need to eat more fruit. So, I bought three Granny Smith apples, four plums, a bag of seedless green grapes, a box of blueberries (for cold cereal),  a box of strawberries and a cantaloupe.

From there I went to PetSmart to get the special kitty litter pellets I need for my Tidy Cat Breeze litter box system.

Finally, I stopped at CVS for a bunch of stuff.

Back home, I switched out the kitty litter box. Then I washed all the fruit. I ate one of the plums and it was fantastic!!!

I was going to set the table, but I didn't know who all was coming. Then Vicky called to see if I was awake (not funny). So I asked if it was her, Evy and Yanessa or just her and Evy. She said Yanessa was back in school after Easter break and Evy was staying home. I said then I will just put out two plates. She said, no, she'd already eaten, she just wanted to bring me lunch. I said, "Well, thank you!"

She said she was going to pick up some Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken (she knows I love it) and what sides did I want?  Well, I haven't had it in probably a year and have no idea any more what sides they offer. So, I told her to surprise me.

So, when she got here, I stuck the box in the microwave to keep warm while we visited.

We sat in the living room and talked for a couple hours. Then she said she had to go pick up Yanessa. She asked me to call and let her know if I liked the lunch. We hugged goodbye (well, we hugged hello, too, come to think of it) and I waved goodby from the porch.

Then I ate my lunch. Well, I ate half and was getting full, so I saved the rest for dinner. It was three pieces of chicken, a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, another side of mac & cheese and a big biscuit. Freaking fantastic!!!

I called her up to tell her so and thanks again. She had me on speaker phone, so I was talking to all three of them at once. It was confusing, but cute.

I did a load of laundry and cleaned the downstairs shower. Then I read a book until the news came on.

When the news ended, I warmed up my dinner. It wasn't as good the second time around, but it was still really great.

I cleaned up the dishes (I never know if you should microwave food in a Styrofoam container, so I don't) and then read on the bed while listening to the Voice. I snacked on the grapes and ate another plum.

I watched the 11;00 p.m. news and then went to bed.

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