Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Good Friday?

Okay, so I'm a fallen-away Catholic, I admit. But, I did spend a year at the Sacred Heart Seminary studying to be a priest and memorizing more bible verses than a Jehovah's witness. So, let's review.

Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior, was arrested today some 2017 years ago. He was scourged (we'd call it whipped, these days) and made to wear a crown of thorns (crude, but they hadn't come up with waterboarding back then, I guess).

Then he had to lug his own cross up the hill where he was crucified by nailing his wrists and feet to that cross.

Sidebar: Nobody gets nailed through their hands. They can't take the weight.

He chats a bit with the two robbers who were crucified along with him.

Then a soldier come by and stabs him with his spear.

I assume at this point he bleeds out and dies.

So, why is this called Good Friday?

Can somebody explain this to me???

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