Saturday, April 28, 2018


I wasn't feeling that hot on Friday morning (more throwing up and diarrhea). But I still had to take Amanda her birthday present. Her birthday was on Thursday, but they had family events planned. So, I ran it up to the restaurant and dropped off the T-shirt I had bought her. I didn't stay to eat.

Back home, I read a book until it warmed up some. Then I walked around in the yard.

Hyacinths so big they're falling over!

Same out front

Forsythia just started blooming today!

It did get to 67 degrees, which made it finally feel like Spring. But, then it starting sprinkling so I went back inside, and got my book again. Later on I washed the kitchen floors.

I made a fried egg sandwich for dinner.

I watched NCIS reruns until bedtime.


  1. Glad your still alive! Your front garden looks great. My forthysia still just started to bloom, but very little blooms. Wonder if the weather got to it. Keep in touch