Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Sunday

I was way too early for my infusion on Easter Sunday (I usually am). So, I stopped by the Looney bakery and asked if they had any salt bagels left (they never do on my way home).  She said they still had three!!!

So, I bought all three and a tub of cream cheese.

I got my infusion and then headed home. Once I got there, I slowly (slowly) ate all three (each bite slathered with cream cheese.) That was my Easter dinner.

Sometime in the afternoon, Amanda called. Her and Keldon were going to  some restaurant to meet her parents and wondered if I was home. She wanted to wish me a happy Easter. I said, "Um, sure.."

So she pulled in, left the car running with the kid inside and ran in. She gave me a big long hug and a smooch, said Happy Easter and then left.

That was probably the nicest Easter present I ever had.

Later on that night, when I was hungry, I ate a couple of hard boiled eggs (with just salt - the horseradish is gone). I really need to go shopping.

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