Saturday, March 24, 2018

Wednesday and Puerto Ricans

Vicky and her mother Evy came to the house after my infusion. We went out to eat a late breakfast at Leo's Coney Island. I had a full order of biscuits and gravy with a cup of coffee. Victoria had two eggs over easy, hash browns and turkey sausage patties and her usual café con leche. Evy got pancakes with link sausage.

Vicky mentioned that, since she was this far anyway, she would like to go see Courtney. I said, "Sure, why not?" She decided to take them donuts as a treat, so we stopped at the Looney bakery for a dozen. Miracle of miracles, they still had a salt bagel left, so I bought that for later.

Sidebar: When Courtney told her boys that Papa John was coming over, they said, "Is he bringing donuts?" So, now I'm stuck with that, I guess...

We had a nice long visit. Christian was a dinosaur so he made his arms look little and he growled a lot. Vicky and Evy hogged Isaac (the baby) until I finally got to hold him at the very end.

Amanda called. She left work early to babysit Annie's newborn, Rease. I had told her I was with Puerto Rican's in the morning but to let me know what she wanted for dinner and I'd drop it off. So, Courtney, Vicky and Evy all yelled "Hello, Amanda!" into my phone.

So, we eventually left. I got a nice hug from Courtney and, when they dropped me off, a hug from Vicky and Evy as well. I was about hugged out, lol!

I went to the nearest Tubby's. There is one on Grand River off of Inkster and another one at Stark and Plymouth Road. I'm not really sure which is closer. But, I go to the one on Grand River (I "feel" like its closer). I got her a mushroom and steak sub, no tomato with extra sauce. Then i drove to Annie's to deliver it.

Rease was sleeping so we watched some TV while she ate half of her sub.

Sidebar: She didn't tell me what size (6-inch, 8-inch or 12-inch) so I went with 8-inch. I'm pretty sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole, lol!

The baby eventually woke up. Amanda changed him and gave him to me.

Sidebar: They have a seriously sophisticated baby monitor. You can see the little munchkin on the display in the living room.

I did my usual Papa John moves. I have had four kids and learned early on that baby's can read your facial expression. So, while he was looking intently at me, I would give him a big smile. He smiled back! We did that for a long time. Cute little kid!!!

I told Amanda to tell Annie if she ever needed a babysitter to let me know. I also told her I could burp a baby better than her.

I finally left and got yet another hug and a smooch.

Back home, I cooked up some potatoes and a ham slice for dinner. I mashed the potatoes with milk, butter, dried parsley and a raw egg (I always do). I made some jarred pork gravy and applied it liberally to the potatoes and ham steak.

I skipped TV and read a book in the living room until bedtime. I ate my salt bagel for a treat.

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