Friday, March 16, 2018


I woke up before the alarm on Thursday. Since I had the time, I made scrambled eggs for breakfast.

It was cold, but sunny on the way to the doctors. The sun warmed up the inside of the truck nicely! The sample I gave them yesterday was sent to the lab, but the results had not come in. So, more waiting and wondering...

When I got out of there, it was still cold, but cloudy. So, now it felt as cold as it was.

I stopped by the house to brush my teeth before proceeding to the dentist.

Sidebar: When I called and made the appointment to get my tooth looked at, Cindy asked me if I broke my tooth or loss a cap. I didn't know. Luckily for me, when it happened, I had put it in my shirt pocket (not wanting to gross out our waitress). So, I dug my shirt out of the dirty clothes basket and took it with me.

It turned out to be a cap!!! Which meant I wouldn't have to pay $2-3K out of pocket to have it capped.The dentist did say it had a slight hole in it that would need to be filled, but he could cement it back on for right now. So, they did that. Then I got my cleaning and my x-rays (previously scheduled for next Saturday).

Paying cash, I got a 15% senior discount. I paid $186.00 for today and made an appointment set up for next Monday at 2:00 p.m. to have the cap filled. That will cost another $110.00. So, I really lucked out!!!

I dropped off the bag of clothes at the Goodwill. Then I got the truck washed (to get rid of the salt) on the way home.

Once home, I changed clothes and got back to work. I swept the office, hallway and the bedroom wood floors. Then I mopped them with the Swiffer Jet wood cleaner. So, I was effectively stuck in the living room, kitchen and downstairs.

I began to clean the Keurig with more white vinegar. This takes a while, so in between, I washed all the glass surfaces in the living room. Once the Keurig tank and guts were clean, I started the dishwasher to clean the part of the Keurig where you place the cups (there were enough dishes and I was running out of silverware).

I moved everything out of the kitchen except for the table and swept the kitchen floor with a broom. Then I ran over it again with the electric sweeper. By that time, the wood floors were dry.

So, I got another bucket of hot water and Pine Sol and mopped the kitchen floor. That trapped me in the office, bedroom and bathroom.

My legs hurt, so I put my feet up on the bed and watched rest of the news.

Once the kitchen floor was dry, I moved all the chairs back in from the living room.

Amanda had called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with her and Keldon after karate, but I told her I had too much stuff to do. So, I made a blue box of mac & cheese for dinner.

I ate that watching TV. Later on I had some grapes and half an apple for snacks.

I was tired and went to bed at 11:00 p.m.

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