Saturday, March 17, 2018

Friday's Road Trip

Friday morning, I had cold cereal (I prefer Honey Bunches of oats with almonds, myself) for breakfast. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed for my morning infusion.

My favorite nurse told me the test results came back and I do NOT have clostridium difficile (a nasty bowel infection that's hard to cure). That's good news/bad news. If I don't, why have I had constant diarrhea for the last three months?

Back home, I chilled for a moment and then hit the road to make my 12:45 p.m. appointment with my primary care physician.

I totally misjudged the time. In my defense, I have always gone on Saturday (since I was working) and traffic was a lot heavier. But, I was close with 45 minutes to spare. So, I decided to get lunch.

There were no fast food joints nearby, so I settled on a Chinese restaurant at Garfield and 16 Mile called May Hong. I know Ten Yen has spoiled me, but really? The won ton soup had a weird sweet flavor to the broth. And the chicken sub gum was mostly celery and carrots.

Sidebar: Carrots? Who the fuck puts carrots in a Chinese dish?

Worst of all was the rice. It was white rice!!! WTF???

So, seven bucks and a tip later, and pissed off, I went to the doctor's.

I spent some time at the window, changing my insurance.

It took a long while but I finally saw my doctor. She was concerned and ordered an EKG and blood work.

I passed the EKG with flying colors.

Sidebar: I always do. If and when I die, it will not be because of my heart. HEART STRONG!!!

They took about a gallon of my blood and then I met with the doctor again. Apparently, my giving the infectious disease doctor her card worked, because she was up to date on my treatment.

She said the stool sample I gave them (don't ask) only checked for clostridium difficile. so she gave me a mail in kit (thank God) to check for other problems. She doubled up on my blood pressure medicine and asked me to come back in two weeks.

I drove back home (you have no idea how difficult that is with impaired vision).

BTW, my friend B___ told me if I get in a wreck and they can prove I have cataracts, I  am screwed. But, Vicky and Amanda were working. Courtney is home with her three kids and everyone else is far away.

When I got home, I changed clothes and took a nap.

When I woke up, I thought I would make a frozen pizza. But that seemed like a lot of work. So I ate cheese and crackers again and fell asleep watching TV.


  1. “BTW, my friend B___ told me if I get in a wreck and they can prove I have cataracts, I am screwed.”

    I think he’s saying getting Uber or Lyft is a good idea: