Saturday, March 10, 2018

Finally Friday

I woke up early on Friday. I had no internet!!! But, I didn't have time and just left early for the doctor's. My favorite nurse was there and we did a little flirting.

Sidebar: Not that it matters. As I told you before, I generally fall in love with one of the nurses while I am in the hospital or in treatment. But, she's married and I am like 40 years older than her. So, it was harmless.


On the way back home, I stopped at the Looney Bakery and bought a dozen donuts and two glazed donuts in a separate bag. I tried to buy a salt bagel, but once again, they were sold out.

From there, I drove to Courtney and Mike's house to drop off the box of donuts. I had a rather long, intensive chat with her son Christian about his pirate ship toys, my cane and boo-boos. Courtney seemed okay, so that made me feel better.

Mike pulled in, just as I was leaving. I asked him how the hell he knew I had brought donuts. He laughed and said he didn't.

Sidebar: I was on the road and truckin' when I saw Courtney's Tupperware bowl and Mike's cell phone charger (from my hospital stay). They were sitting right next to the box of the donuts, but I forgot them.

I stopped at Starbuck's and got a large hot chocolate for Amanda. Then I drove to Time Out. I gave her the glazed donuts (she's afraid to eat anything hard) and the hot chocolate.

I was a little early but they know me. So, I ordered the Reuben sandwich and fries off the Special's menu.

Sidebar: It's a little, old trivia that I know, but did you know the original Reuben did NOT have Thousand Island dressing on it? It was Russian dressing. Not common these days, but you can still buy it.

I ate half of the sandwich and half of the fries (I whispered to Amanda the ones at the Black Label Tavern were a lot better - she laughed and she said she knew that). I got a box and took the rest home.

On the way home, I stopped at Home Depot and got some furnace filters. I was supposed to switch them out March 1st. I normally do every three months on the dot (it's written on the calendar), but I missed it on March 1.

Back home, I tackled the internet problem.The new WOW setup is really different from Brighthouse so I had four or five unused cables by the computer. I finally realized that it's all controlled by the DVR box under the TV which provides my computer internet wirelessly. So, I unplugged that. I gave it a few moments and plugged it back in. It took while to reboot. But, when it did, I was back online!

My time working in IT was not misspent!!!

For dinner, I passed on leftovers and ate two hard boiled eggs slathered with the new horseradish I bought. Man that was hot!!!

I watched some TV, but then my daughter Melissa called. We talked a long, long time. When we finally hung up, I went to bed.

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