Monday, March 19, 2018

Come Saturday Morning

I overslept on Saturday. It was because I was dreaming I was cold and just wanted to snuggle under the covers. When I finally woke up, I realized I was really cold! WTF?

I checked the thermostat and it was 67 degrees. I went downstairs to check on the furnace (which was running). The bi-fold door stuck so I ripped it off.

Sidebar: I am not apologizing nor explaining. I am merely reporting. I have anger issues at times.

The blower was running, but there was no flame. I tried turning it off and then back on (my IT training) but it didn't work.

I couldn't find Scott Pace's number, so I called Michelle. I got her voicemail. I left a message. Then I found Scott's number and called him. I got his voicemail. I left a message.

Sidebar: Remember this was like 7:30 a.m.

So, I got in the shower (at least that was warm). Sure enough, the phone rang. So, I totally soaked the little mat while I answered it. Scott said he couldn't come right away and I said I understood (its not like my pipes were freezing or anything) and I told him I had to get my stupid infusion anyway. So we agreed to meet around noon.

I got dressed and went to the doctor's.

On the way, I called Amanda. We were supposed to go to another Painting with a Twist with Keldon today and then she had a secret adventure planned for me.

Sidebar: Damn kid doesn't seem to understand that I like to be alone and stay in my house. She keeps dragging me places. Worse yet, I think my daughter Melissa is in on this effort as well!!!

Anyway, I'd already paid for my ticket at Painting with a Twist so I left her a message to take either one of her friends or one of Keldon's in my place. No sense wasting the money.

Sidebar: She took Megan, one of Keldon's classmates and his friend. They had a blast.

On the way back from the doctor's, I thought I'd stop at Bates for some biscuits and gravy (no sense rushing home to a cold house). But the little parking lot was full!

So, I went to Leo's Coney Island and got a half order with a cup of coffee. I was very disappointed. The gravy wasn't warm enough. I should have sent it back to get reheated. But, I was in a foul mood and just ate it anyway. Then I sat there for a long time, sucking down coffee refills and watching a cute waitress with nice boobs and an amazing butt.

I finally gave up, paid my $6.02 (plus tip) and went home. I changed clothes and got my tee-shirt of the day.

Sidebar: I usually wear a ripped up old one. But, after the Goodwill effort, I realized just how many tee-shirts I have that I never wear. So, I'll save the old ripped up one for something like painting and wear a new shirt everyday.

BTW, I bought a new tee-shirt (is that how you write it? I dunno. T-shirt, maybe?) just for Saint Patrick's Day.

Today's shirt (back)

Today's shirt (front) The barn is a local landmark and has a farmer's market in the summer.

Scott showed up around 11:30 a.m. He said he already knew what the problem was, based on our phone call (damn! He's good!). So, he took some gizmo off the back of the furnace and replaced it. I don't remember him telling me what it was, just that it was not the ignightor, which I thought it might be.

I asked him if it was time to replace the furnace, so he looked around and found it was installed  in 1996. So, it's 21 years old. He said it's not the age, but the level of carbon monoxide it emits. So, he let the furnace run a while and then put a handy-dandy tester next to the outlet in the downstairs bathroom.

Sidebar: I told him I have carbon monoxide testers in all the smoke alarms. He said that didn't really matter as I would be dead before it ever went off. Um, good to know. I told him I have a cat and if she's ever dead, I would leave the house immediately.

While we were waiting, Scott carefully put the door back on. Thanks, man. My bad...

His test device (which cost almost $400 because I asked) showed a level of 0.02. He said that NO CO2 was the norm, but it wouldn't kill me. However, if I wanted to replace the furnace it would be about $2K.

He mentioned that I wouldn't be using it all that much anymore and we could talk about it in the Fall.

We were bullshitting in the garage when he mentioned the kayack. I told him I bought it to go fishing on Newburgh lake, but never could figure out how to get in it or, worse yet, how to get out of it. I mean, I could ask Amanda (she's helped my ass up more times than I like to recall) but what would she do while I was fishing?

Anyway, he said he was too fat, but his skinny brother would like it. So, I traded it for the furnace repair.

Sidebar #1: Scott is not fat. He is just huge. He's shorter than me, but I have never properly shaken his hand. It's just too damn big. The only vestige I have from working in the factory is my wrists.

Sidebar #2: Jake told me at my age and severely diminished income, I need to learn to barter. I think I just did!!!

Sidebar #3: I was telling Amanda about the furnace going out and how I traded the kayak for the repair"Oh no! I was going to ask you to borrow that this summer!". I said, "Why in the hell didn't you tell me that?" She said, "Because it's winter!" I suppose there is some sort of logic here, but I still felt bad.

I went to a nearby deli that was offering St. Patrick Day dinners. I bought corned beef, roasted potatoes and cabbage for $11:00. I thought it was cheaper than buying the ingredients and making it myself. Plus, there would not be those damn leftovers.

The corned beef was excellent and the roasted potatoes were great. But the cabbage was overcooked and mushy. I didn't care. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner!

I was feeling a little weird, so I laid down and watched TV for the rest of the night.

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