Friday, February 9, 2018

The calm before the storm...

I woke up to the alarm again on Thursday. I knew the roads were clear and dry, so I took a little extra time to watch more of the news. So, then I still had to hustle. I choked down a few bites of cereal so I could take my pills and hit the road.

I got there in plenty of time. I read my book for an hour and a half while the antibiotic slowly dripped into my vein. The nurse told me that, while they would prefer I don't miss a day, if the weather was too bad Friday morning (we are expecting a major storm) to just stay home.

I was bored, so I took a photo of the infusion room for you.

I was on my way home and hungry. I was stopped at the light on Five Mile and Farmington when I glanced over and saw Bates. It looked like there were a few parking places open, so on a whim, I made the turn and pulled in.

Sidebar: There are only eight or nine parking places.

Now, Bates is a family-owned (from 1959) little old-school diner in Livonia. Well, I guess there's one in Farmington Hills, but I've never seen it. There are no tables, just a small counter seating and a ledge against the windows with stools. It serves breakfast and a very limited lunch menu. You can only order two extra items on your burger: grilled onions and/or pickles (no lettuce, tomato, bacon, etc.). They taste great!

I got a burger (with the onion and pickles), fries and a cup of coffee for $4.50.

Then I went home.

I started thinking about the weekend weather. We are supposed to get five to nine inches of snow on Friday, one to two inches of snow on Saturday and an additional one to two inches of snow on Sunday.

But, I already have about four inches of snow on the driveway that I have just been driving through. No way my little snow blower could handle totals like that!

So, I reluctantly suited up in my cold weather gear and blew the existing snow off the driveway.

Back inside, I took a break. I was laying on the bed when my son Jeremy called. He said he was in Indiana and had just been pulled over by the cops. He thought it was for speeding (he had his cruise control set at 75 mph). But the cop said it was for following too close behind a semi! Luckily, the cop just gave him a lecture, rather than a ticket.

We talked about my health and Riese, then we hung up.

Around 4:30 p.m., I changed my short sleeve shirt (necessary for the IV) into a long sleeve one (to cover all the pic line crap). Then I drove over to the Laurel Park mall to meet Amanda when she finished work to eat dinner.

We wanted to try a new restaurant: The Grand Tavern. It's at the site of the old Max and Erma's.

We shared an appetizer: loaded tater tots (tater tots covered in cheese and bacon bits). It was excellent!

Sidebar: Have you noticed how many restaurants are using tater tots these days?

She ordered her go-to entree: grilled salmon with a baked potato. It came with a salad that we also shared She said the salmon was good. I had a fantastic shrimp po' boy with fries.

She wanted some chocolate for Valentine's day so we walked over to the Sanders shop and she bought two kinds that she said Scott and Keldon liked. Then we walked a little more (trying to walk off our dinner). Finally we zipped up our coats and headed out in the cold.

She had parked a long way away (the parking lot was quite full) but my truck was in a nearby handicap spot. So, I gave her a ride to her car. The people behind me did not appreciate me stopping and leaving her out!

Back home, I changed into my robe. I filled in the Blog post and then went to watch the Olympics and read. I was tired and had to get up even earlier tomorrow, so I went to bed before 11:00 p.m.


  1. didn't know they would pull you over for driving too close, unless your right on his ass.....No ticket..lucky

  2. “Sidebar: Have you noticed how many restaurants are using tater tots these days?”

    Generation Nap. Dy. (Napoleon Dynamite) must be enjoying more discretionary income.

  3. @ GPF: Yes!
    @ Jyl: I hadn't thought of that, but you are probably right!