Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sunday Supper

Since I went to bed early, I missed Amanda's good night text. Unlike Vicky (who works early and texts me each day around  8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.), Amanda's texts comes around midnight.

Anyway, she said she had gone out for gas and it was snowing!

Sidebar: I need to stop watching the Olympics and take a look look outside now and then.

Sure enough, when I woke up, there was a light coating of snow. But no big deal.

I don't remember what I had for breakfast, but I know there were no bananas involved.

Sidebar: I have like four left from the bunch I bought. I decided I'd rather have diarrhea that eat them. So, maybe I'll make them into banana bread or something or just throw them out.


I shaved, showered and got dressed and left for my infusion appointment.

Sidebar: My brother Carl asked me why I still shower and shave daily, since I'm retired. I told him that (A) I am very hairy and look like a bum if I don't shave daily and (B) I don't want to stink. Makes me kinda glad I don't live closer to him, if you get my drift...

I drove straight home after the doctor's.

I cleaned both bathrooms while I waited for Amanda.

Let me set the scene. Scott was at work. His parents were down from Oscoda and staying at their house. They wanted to take Keldon shopping (to stores they don't have up there). Amanda's other BFFs (I know I'm one because it said so on my candy, LOL)  had just gone to Benihana's and she was telling me about it a few days ago. I mentioned that I had never been there (I don't think) and asked her what it was.

That was a mistake, maybe.

So, today's adventure (read that as get the old guy out of his house) was a trip to Benihana.

Sidebar: She told me it was expensive (and it was) but not if you looked at it as dinner and a show. Because the chefs are in front of you and do put on quite a show.

She had made reservations for us at 2:00 p.m. So, she picked me up and we got there early

Sidebar: I am still not sure where the hell we were. It was on Haggerty off of Eight mile. So, I don't know if it was Northville, Farmington Hills or Novi. They all tend to run together.

We finally got seated and I watched the chef working the table next to us. He was Asian and didn't do anything spectacular, other than making delicious looking food.

Sidebar: I was starving...

We had interesting table companions. There was a guy who worked in construction, his wife (a retired teacher) and their daughter who worked as a waitress. She and Amanda instantly bonded.

Sidebar: Waitress talk. You ever say, "How are you doing" and they just say "I'll have a water." Etc, etc.,etc...

The other two were black women. One as a real estate agent and I never heard what her friend did.

Finally, the Asian chef left and our chef showed up. He was a black kid, from France and only 19 years old! But he was good.

Sidebar: He asked me if I liked egg rolls. I said sure. So he flipped his spatula upside down and rolled an egg down it. Cute.

We had some soup first and then a salad.

Sidebar: Amanda didn't like the ginger salad dressing so asked for another bowl of soup instead. She ate most of it and I finished the rest, lol. I liked the salad dressing, BTW. I thought it was refreshing.

Then our chef got busy. I don't remember the name of what I ordered but it was scallops and a steak (medium rare). Amanda ordered the same thing (medium well), except with shrimp. I asked for shrimp fried rice, while she ordered chicken fried rice (two bowls so she could take some home for the guys).

The chef dished out the veggies. It was zucchini and onions. I had to laugh. Amanda picked out every piece of zucchini and put it on my plate. He also fried some mushrooms before my scallops and steak. The food was excellent. My share of the bill was $45.00 not including the tip. But, for a once in a lifetime thing, it was worth it.

I was really stuffed. She dropped me off and I took a nap.

I went back to watching the Olympics when I woke up. I didn't feel like eating a real dinner, so I just made some popcorn and ate that instead.

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