Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hump Day/Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday

Sidebar: Poor practicing Catholics have had a very, very busy day!

Today's breakfast was a part of a sliced banana and cold cereal. I ate the rest of the banana as is.

Sidebar: I had been thinking when everyone was telling me to eat bananas, "Why don't I eat more bananas?" Well, now I can tell you. BECAUSE I HATE BANANAS!!!

I don't like the texture, I don't like the taste and I never did. I like all stone pit fruit and apples and hard pears. BUT I DON'T LIKE BANANAS.

Seriously, I think I like diarrhea  better...

I got a pleasant surprise at the doctors. The new antibiotic drip is only a half an hour (instead of the hour and a half the last one took). Is it worth the extra money? No. But I am trying to look on the sunny side of life...

I stopped at Home Depot and bought a new toilet fill valve.

Sidebar: For the last week or so, I have been dealing with a problem. The toilet in the main bath would flush, but not refill the tank unless you removed the lid and tapped on the float. Now, I rarely use this bathroom, but guests do. And, while I was comfortable removing the toilet tank lid and tapping on the float, I was afraid of dropping the toilet tank lid and breaking it. I don't think you can just buy the top.

I stopped at the quarter car wash near the house and hosed off the truck. It never gets "clean" that way, but I wanted to get the crud and salt off the truck. This truck has got to last a lifetime!!!

So, I finally got back home. I was in a good mood until, after treating Caley, I went into the bedroom to change my clothes. That's when I found that Caley had taken a dump on top of my bed.

WTF? I cleaned out her litter box (as I always do) just this morning.

I took care of the mess and put all the bedding in the washer.

Sidebar: Caley was lucky I had already put the handgun in the gun safe before I left for the doctor's or she would have been just a bloody mess on the bedroom wall. I was pissed! WTF???

I installed the toilet fill valve. I remade the bed once the dryer stopped and started the Wednesday night wash.

I was supposed to go see Michelle Pace in the hospital with Vicky after 3:00 p.m. But when I checked with Michelle, she said she was being released today. So (after several texts), Vicky and I decided to visit her at home this weekend. We figured we'd let her get settled in, before we showed up.

It was really warm (40 degrees) and I noticed when I went outside to get the mail, all the icicles had melted.

Is Spring in the air? I dunno... But, I am ready for it, lol!

For dinner, I made a sandwich with the last of Melissa's roast beef, sharp cheddar and grainy mustard on one of those onion rolls. I had a small bowl of split pea soup with it and froze the rest.

I watched the Olympics until I dozed off. The TV was still on when I woke up to pee, so I started watching it again. I finally went to bed for real around 1:00 a.m.


  1. They never did have any figure skating on, did they.....

  2. Not that I saw. But I did doze off, now and then...

  3. You also “HATE” avocados. Why don’t you just get the potassium, key ingredient you can get from bananas or avocados, from an over-the-counter chewable the next time you go to CVS.

  4. @ Jyl: Not a bad idea, but I have to finish the big bunch of bananas I already bought first.