Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A busy, busy day...

I woke on Monday, to the alarm, blah, blah, blah. I ate two Eggo blueberry waffles for breakfast.

The traffic reporter on TV took forever to get through all the accidents. Apparently, there is black ice out there. However, there was also pavement out there, so I was finally able to switch back to two wheel drive.

The infusion went well. My doctor came to see me when I was sitting there and checked me out. I'm still leaking, so that's not good. I asked her about the cipro (originally prescribed for a 14 day period). She said that I need to take it along with the IV antibiotics for the 6-9 weeks time frame. I said, "Well, then you need to give me a new script." So, she said she would.

Two disparate things shaped my next move. Amanda had left the rest of her soup and part of her baguette in my fridge on Sunday. I knew she had planned on eating it for lunch today. And Courtney Esper had mentioned on Facebook how much she missed Time Out's bacon cheese burger.

Sidebar: Amanda replied on Facebook to "Come on up!" Courtney said with three children under four years old at home, that wasn't really an option.

So, I dropped off Amanda's misplaced lunch, ordered a house salad for my lunch and a bacon cheeseburger and fries to go.

Sidebar: I wasn't sure about the fries. She never mentioned fries. But, I ordered them just in case.

So, when I was done with my lunch and the burger was ready, I drove over to Mike and Courtney's house. They live less than a mile from me, BTW.

Courtney took a picture of me and her boys, so I returned the favor by taking one of her and Aiden. She was sitting on the sturdy coffee table her grampa built.

We visited for a long time and then I left so she could eat. I was close, so I went to the Kroger's on Middlebelt and Warren. I needed more Grillin' Beans, peanut butter, chili and smoked ham hocks. Grabbed those and headed home.

Michelle Pace (another ex-coworker) was finally getting the surgery she's needed ever since I've known her. So, Vicky asked me if I wanted to go up and see her on Wednesday. I said sure. Then her husband Scott (my HVAC guy) called me to tell me she was in recovery and that the doctor's said her surgery went well.

I was tired, so I took a long nap.

Since I went and got them, I opened a can of the Grillin' beans and ate it for dinner. Well, I ate half for dinner and then the other half for a snack watching the Olympics.

Thanks to my nap, I was able to stay up late. I went to bed at 1:00 a.m.


  1. Glad your feeling better

  2. LOL! Well, I still needed a three hour nap to recuperate for today's activity.