Tuesday, January 23, 2018


It was rainy off and on, but warm again (50 degrees at noon) on Monday.

I called first thing in the morning and got a new doctors appointment for this week.

I met Amanda after she got out of work for a late lunch. We ate at the Black Label Tavern, which I've never been to before. It took a while to decide, but in the end we both ordered the same thing: The prime rib sandwich, with cheese, grilled onions and wild mushrooms served on a brioche bun and au jus. We skipped the fries and got the house-made potato chips. It was excellent, but we both ended up taking half the food home in a box.

Sidebar: One of the side-effects of this treatment is that I have a real lack of appetite. But, that's okay as now I had dinner, lol.

My brother Jim called while we were eating.

It wasn't raining when I got home, so I took the trash out to the road. It's supposed to be colder and raining Tuesday morning.

I took a nap after I changed clothes.

I ate the rest of my lunch for dinner. I wish I'd taken the au jus home but it was still damn good.

I watched the Red Wings win for a change.

The nap let me stay up and watch the Tonight Show, then I went to bed.

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