Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I woke up with the alarm on Tuesday as I had a 9:00 a.m. haircut appointment. I skipped breakfast, shaved showered and got dressed for town.

Sidebar: That makes me sound like I live on a ranch somewhere out West, but you know what I mean.

It was 53 amazing degrees with gusty winds and falling temps. After my haircut, I stopped by Kroger's to pick up some things I needed. Not a big shopping trip, just things like sour cream, milk, eggs, etc. What really pissed me off is I wanted some hot dogs. But this Kroger's no longer carries the Kogle's natural casing dogs. Dammit!

Sidebar: It was not only windy, but there were occasional higher gusts of wind. One of them damn near knocked me over when I was walking back to the truck! Luckily, I had both hands on the cart.

From there, I stopped at CVS to get the last prescription of eye drops I need for after my surgery. All told, it cost me close to $140.00 for the damn eye drops.

Sidebar, it was 43 degrees at noon.

Back home, the trash still had not been dumped.

I made a simple salad for my lunch. It was just head lettuce and bottled dressing. I should have grabbed some cherry tomatoes (they are still sweet this time of year) and a cucumber when I was at Kroger's.

I keep my jeans on (to get the trashcan and mail, later) and began today's project: Filling out my Christmas cards.

I finished up as it was getting dark. I went out and got the mail and the trash can.

Back inside, I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and did a few chores, like emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the counters, and so on.

I warmed up a can of Campbell's split pea and ham soup (something else my Five-Mile Kroger's no longer carries).

I watched my Tuesday shows, read a bit and then tried to sleep. It didn't come easy, as I kept thinking about my sister. It should have been her birthday, today.

But I finally fell asleep.


  1. RE: "Kroger's no longer carries the Kogle's natural casing " what do they have in their place? Thinking of Anne too

  2. Nothing I could find! They used to carry Dearborn Natural Casing hot dogs, too, but they didn't have them either. Apparently nobody in Livonia likes natural casing hot dogs!