Monday, December 11, 2017


I woke up at a more reasonable 6:30 a.m. I ate breakfast and took my pills. Then I did the normal Sunday chores, including stripping the bedding and starting the wash.

I shaved, showered and got dressed. Then I headed out to Home Depot. Backing out of the driveway, I slid halfway across the road! Apparently, the road had froze overnight and was now ice.

I inched my way to Plymouth Road, where the salt was still working.

I got some wood I needed and bathroom caulk.

Back home, I unloaded the truck and then shut the garage door.

I took the caulk and applied it to the edges of the wash cloth rack I had glued. I was not trying to hide the seams (the tile is blue/gray and the caulk white) but just make sure a washcloth (or whatever) will not snag on the rough edges.

Then I got another cup of coffee and watched the rest of the Sunday morning news. When the dryer was done, I remade the bed.

Amanda and Keldon came to pick me up for today's adventure: Watching the movie "Polar Express" at the Redford Theater. They couldn't get in the driveway as it was blocked by a USPS vehicle, delivering a package to me. I set in on the bed and we left. We grabbed a bite to eat and got to the theater early.

Sidebar: The nice thing about the Redford Theater is that the organist plays before the movie and during the intermission.  Yes, it makes the movie event longer, but it's way more laid back.

Both Amanda and I bought five tickets for the 50-50 raffle (first prize is $100.00, second is a t-shirt)

We took our seats and the organ started to rise. I am really fascinated by the organ, by the way. It is so very old and yet, beautiful.

This time the organist was a woman.

They also had a huge display of model trains in front of the stage.

Finally, the movie came on. I had never seen it before or even read the book, but it was excellent!

At the intermission, they did the 50-50 drawing. Neither of us were even close for the $100.00, but Amanda won the t-shirt (which she gave to Keldon).

When the movie was over, they had Santa in the lobby with a photographer. I sat and watched the coats and her purse while they went out to see him. When they came back, Keldon ran back to check out the trains. That's when I noticed Amanda was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she realized this was probably the last year Keldon would sit on Santa's lap. I gave her a Kleenex and then gave her a hug.

The theater is run by volunteers, so at the end of the movie they announced that anyone who would stay and help clean up would be given a free ticket, with a popcorn voucher, to any upcoming movie if they volunteered. So, she asked me to watch Keldon and went to clean up the balcony.

Sidebar: What I didn't realize was that she told them she was with a handicapped old man and a little kid. She asked if she did three times the work, could we all get the tickets? They said yes, so we are all set for what she called our next "cheap date."

They drove me home and left immediately to go pick up Scott from work. While I was unlocking the front door, I saw another package on the porch!

I changed into shorts and t-shirt. I was rooting around in the freezer to see what I could make for my Sunday supper. I came across a box of Stouffer's meat lover's lasagna.  So, I preheated the oven to 375 degrees and went to make a salad (it took an hour to bake, so I had plenty of time).

But, when I took out the lettuce, it was squishy and black. Dammit!

I let the lasagna rest for the required five minutes and then served up a piece. It wasn't as good as homemade, but it was nice and spicy.

Since I didn't have my salad, I took a second piece instead, LOL!

I half watched a football game while I read in bed. I noticed my throat felt scratchy, but I thought I'd just used too much Copenhagen during the day.

I went to bed at 12:30 p.m.


  1. Do you ever stay home anymore?? Sounds like a great day

  2. LOL! Not usually on the weekends. It was.