Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hump Day...

I woke up late on Wednesday. It was 31 degrees here.  I had a cup of coffee and then shaved, showered and got dressed to go to town. There was still some running around I needed to do before my eye operation on Thursday.

So, it was windy as well.

I mailed the rest of the Christmas cards at the Post Office. Then I filled up the gas tank on the truck. Finally, I went to CVS and got a birthday card I'd forgotten.

Back home, I washed the old tabs for both the bike and the truck. I got the new ones on Tuesday and wanted to make sure they stayed on.

For lunch (and dinner) I made the blue box of mac & cheese and broiled the Ballpark hot dogs (yuck) in the oven. I ate two hot dogs (mustard ketchup and sweet relish, this time) and some mac & cheese for lunch.

I stripped down and put on my robe. Then I did the Wednesday wash. I watched some taped DIY shows until the dryer stopped. Then, I hung up or folded all the clothes.

I had two more hot dogs (mustard and onions, this time) and more mac & cheese for dinner.

Couldn't find anything on TV that sounded interesting so I read until and early bedtime (should have taken a nap.

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