Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hello December!

I woke up to the alarm on Friday, December 1. I ate a piece of buttered toast along with my pills for breakfast. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed for my 8:30 a.m. doctor's appointment.

Sidebar: This is why there was no Blog post yesterday. No time!!!

The offices of the OSM (Ophthalmic Special of Michigan) is at Six-Mile and Farmington. I had an appointment for many tests and to meet with Dr. Nate Kleinfeldt, M.D. The building houses not only his office, but his surgical center.

I was impressed with his office! There are like twenty technicians, so you didn't spend much time waiting for the next test. I had every eye test I ever knew of, plus one I never heard of (measuring the thickness of my cornea lens). They dilated the hell out of my eyes.

I spoke briefly with the surgeon. He said I would be in twilight sleep, the operation itself taking about five minutes (wow!) and he would do one eye first and the other two weeks later.

The longest wait I had was to speak with the scheduler, and I told her so. They need two of them!!!

Anyway, he only operates on Thursday, from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Since you can't take your meds before the operation, they try to schedule diabetics first. And, you have no idea what time you surgery is, because they call you the night before to let you know! That's a problem!!!

Vicky has first choice for driving me (the person has to stay there, BTW. They can't drop me off and then pick me up). She said she'd take the day off by switching with somebody else (they are open seven days a week). But, she has to get Yanessa to school, so a potential 6:00 a.m. appointment would be difficult.

Amanda is my second choice. She volunteered to take off work, but she doesn't even start work until 11:00 a.m. So, I 'd decided to talk to Vicky (she will be upset - she likes to drive me to the hospital) and then talk with Amanda.

It was very sunny, so I had to use those silly sunglasses they give you just to drive home.

When I got there, I grabbed the last two four-cup containers of soup and drove over to Courtney and Mike Esper's house. We agreed to swap soups (her's was turkey and rice). I had a hell of a time reading the house numbers, so I took a chance and went to the house with a Spartan flag on it, LOL!

Sidebar: I left the truck parked so that it covered half of their driveway. My bad.

We chatted a while and I told her my story. She said, if need be, she would drive me. I said that's ridiculous, you have three kids under three years old! She said Mike could watch the two older ones and she's take Issac with us. I agreed that would be my backup plan.

Just before I left, Mike came home. Because of the fncked-up way I parked my truck, he had to jump the curb and drive on the lawn. He has a truck, so it was no big deal, but I still felt stupid.

Back home, I got inside and warmed up some of her soup for my lunch. It had a lot of carrots in it and not as much rice as I would have used. But, after adding salt and pepper (she doesn't use any because of the kids) I ate it. It was excellent!!!

I took a long nap. When I woke up, I had a text from Amanda. Scott had just totaled their other car!!! So, they will have to figure out how to get Scott to and from work, Keldon to and from school and karate classes and Amanda to and from work

So, she has moved back in the listing of who can drive me on Thursday. Sigh...

I got an evening call from my daughter, Melissa, who wanted to know how the doctor's appointment went. I told her the details and also the problem with a ride there and back. She volunteered to take the day off, but said she would have to come the night before and sleep over. No way, she said, would she wake up at 4:00 a.m. and drive here. I thanked her, said I'd let her know and we hung up. So, she's my other back-up plan (I forget what number we're talking about anymore, lol!) I went back to reading in bed.

I ate a late night snack and went to bed.

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