Saturday, December 9, 2017

Finally Friday

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. on Friday. It was 31 degrees here, but the wind chill was 9! I had a cup of coffee, watched the news for a bit and then ate breakfast.

I finished the Blog post, did some work on the computer and then shaved, showered and got dressed for more errands.

Before I left, I called the surgeon's office to cancel today's post-op appointment and asked if I could do the left eye on the 21st. She said they couldn't do that without a release from my primary care physician! Dammit!!! I headed out...

First stop was the Hallmark store next to my Kroger's. It is the only place I've seen that sells specialty cards. I needed one in Spanish for Evy, Vicky's mother, and her family.

From there, I went to Home Depot. For some reason or another, I wanted to repair the soap dish in the main bathroom.

Sidebar: My house was built in the 50's and has one of those tile soap holders that has the little bar above it for your wet washcloths. Well, one day when I was still using that shower, I slipped and fell in the tub. I broke the little bar (cutting the shit out of my leg, I might add). Luckily, it broke into only two parts.

I first went into the tile section and asked the guy what type of glue or cement I should use to put it back together. He said he didn't have any idea, but the man in the paint department would know.

So, I went to the paint department and explained what I wanted to do. He said to wait right there and he went down one of the aisles. He came back and handed me a packet with Loctite Super Glue (never heard of that brand). He told me how to use it. Then I got a few more things and I checked out.

Last stop was CVS. I found a picture (looking for another picture) I wanted to have digitized. Unfortunately, their scanner was broken. I was hungry, so I swung by Burger King and got some chicken nuggets with barbecue dipping sauce.

When I got home, I ate lunch. Then I took a picture of the photo. I had to do some cropping, but it turned out okay.

This was a picture my Mother took out at Lake Orion in 1973 of me, Amy and Melissa and my beloved Sea Snark sailboat.

I called my primary care physician to explain what I wanted to do about the blood sugar problem. I didn't get to talk to her, of course, but explained to the receptionist what happened and what I now needed. She said she would talk to the doctor and have her call me back.

Then I glued the soap dish back together. Got some glue on my fingers (of course) but it's back together, at least.

I replaced the furnace filters. Had to wait until the furnace shut down and cooled a bit (that took a lot of tries - its still damn cold outside).

My legs hurt for some reason (maybe the change in humidity as it was supposed to snow after midnight) so I laid in bed, reading.

By 6:00 p.m. I decided I wasn't getting a call from my doctor today. I thought I'd try again tomorrow.

I warmed up the soup Kathy made and sent with Joe. It was an excellent cabbage soup!

I had an apple for a snack later while I read my book until until bed time.

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