Thursday, November 30, 2017


It was sunny, but not as warm on Wednesday. I read in bed and then got up at 7:00 a.m. I ate cold pizza, washed down with hot coffee while I watched the news.

It was sunny, but not supposed to get above 50 degrees today. So, I didn't even bother getting ready for my How Depot trip until noon. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed for a plywood run. Then I went to Home Depot.

That's when all the fun began!

I got a cart and got down the last piece of cheap ($8) 1/4 inch plywood. I took it to the saw and asked the guy to cut three pieces 15 7/8 inches length-wise. He cut the first two, the the last one was short! He said, "Oh, I must have measured it wrong. Can you get another one?"

I went back and there was 1/4 inch masonite ($10 and too heavy) or better 1/4 inch plywood ($12). I was trying to get down the plywood from the second shelf when it slipped. It fell on the floor, crushing one end and giving me a large sliver. I pushed it to the side and tried to get another one.

A helpful employee (not the saw guy, who I thought should be doing this since he messed up) asked if I needed a hand. I said thanks and stood nearby to help him. He wasn't looking at me and just pulled it backwards, hitting me in the head and knocking my glasses off.

He was embarrassed and worried I was hurt. I said I was fine, but could he please find my glasses (I was more worried about them than me). They were fine, though.

First guy cut the plywood to the right size, I picked up some screws I'll need and then checked out. I secured them in the truck bed (my one fear was they were so light they would blow out) with the bed extender, a bungee cord and my warning flag/bungee cord. I drove home slowly but eventually got there.

I unloaded them and pulled the truck inside. Then I took the trash can and recycle bin around back (they still weren't dumped the last time I checked Tuesday night). While I was doing that, the mail lady came. She waved and said hi, so I went and got the mail as well.

Back inside, I changed clothes after treating Caley. I got the sliver out and then I warmed up some soup for lunch.

The soup made me sleepy, so I took a nap.I read in bed for a while after I woke up.

I talked with my friend, B___ and my daughter, Melissa on the phone.

I ate a turkey sandwich for dinner. Then I went back to reading until bedtime.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Wednesday....slivers, lost glasses, bumps in the head......Why didn't you ask for help the first time?

  2. Because I keep forgetting I'm an old crip.