Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I slept in a little on Wednesday. I got a cup of coffee and watched a bit of the news. I was getting tired of the same old breakfast, so I ate two slices of peanut butter toast. Then I filled in the Blog.

I heard a weird noise and the cat came running out of the living room. I looked and it was the lawn service. But, this time they had two mowers, both with rear baggers, and one guy with a gas-powered blower.

The blower guy pushed the leaves in front of the mowers and the mowers followed each other. The lawn was rapidly getting leaf-free.

It didn't dawn on me to take a picture until it was almost too late. In the picture, the blower guy and one mower are on the right, while the other mower is on the left. Slick!

I put on my junky clothes and started on the crib again. This time I was covering all bare spots (from the orbital sander) with paint and feathering the edges. I used a two-inch foam brush for this, BTW. I think I got all the spots, but with the lighting and my bad eyes, I just don't know.

Paint's got a 12-16 hour drying time before the second coat. So, I put the lid on the can and cleaned up.

I quit around 1:00 p.m. I heated up a can of chili for my lunch (it was chilly and had just started raining).

After eating, I tried to sew the button on my pea coat tighter.  I need to send it to the cleaners (should have done it in the Spring) and don't want to lose the button. I had two problems with this project:

1. I had to literally tear the linen closet apart to find a needle (I had plenty of thread).
2. I had to thread a needle with bad eyes (took me almost 15 minutes).

I finally got working on it and discovered I didn't have enough thread. Dammit! So, I went back to square one, threading the needle (eventually) again.

I finally got it done.

As I said, it was raining.  I sat in the living room with the fire on, reading. I had a throw on my legs and Caley in my lap. Naturally, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I started boiling some Yukon Gold potatoes for dinner. I warmed up the other cabbage roll as I mashed the potatoes. Then I ate my supper. It was pretty good!

I watched taped DIY shows until 11:00 p.m. and then watched the news. Then I went to bed.

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