Thursday, November 9, 2017

Twisted on Hump Day

It was 30 degrees when I woke up Wednesday morning! I checked and the clean truck was now covered with frost! I hoped it will burn off and leave the truck still looking good.

I had two cups of coffee and some oatmeal for breakfast. Then I filled in the Blog Post. I had more running around to do, but I watched the Today show until it was over (I hoped the temperature would warm up).

I finally shaved, showered and got dressed for yet another errand run. I left the house around 11:00 a.m. when the frost had finally burned off the truck.

First stop was the Post office to renew my passport. This took some time and I was amazed when she said it cost $110.20 (and that's NOT the expedited one - this is the standard 4-6 weeks one!)

Sidebar: I think I paid, like, $50.00 for the last one, some seven years ago.

From there, I drove down Beech-Daly to the Kroger's on Ford Road. I bought the few things that my 5-Mile Kroger's was out of,  plus one impulse buy: a bag of Honeycrisp apples (only $0.99 cents a pound!)

On the way out, I filled up my gas tank at the Kroger gas station. I saved 30 cents a gallon. But, since gas is $2.67 a gallon around here, it didn't feel like a big deal.

I came back up Middle Belt and went to Pet Smart. I bought the Breeze kitty litter kit that cat owners I know have been talking about. It comes with a pack of 4 cat pads you replace once a week and a bag of litter pellets you replace once a month. They say it keeps the odor down and, in the long run, is cheaper. We'll see...

It was almost 1:00 p.m., and I was hungry. So, I ran through Burger King and got a Whopper meal. I ate that at home, after I put away the groceries. It was almost cold by then. Boring, but filling.

I started the Wednesday wash and unloaded the dishwasher.  I set the alarm for 5:00 p.m. and tried to take a nap.

Sidebar: I might have dozed off for 20 minutes, but that was not the nice long nap I had envisioned!

When the alarm went off, I quit reading (that was supposed to make me fall asleep) and took a rinse-off shower. Then I got dressed in my most shabby going-to-town clothes.


Tonight is the long awaited Painting with a Twist in Dearborn with Amanda. I trashed a good pair of pants and dress shirt the last time, when I went with Vicky and Michelle, and I am not doing that again.

Amanda picked me up and we drove to Dearborn. We took a back way, rather than the freeways and rush hour traffic. So, we got there early. But, there was a nearby Starbucks, so we walked there. Amanda got a hot chocolate and I got a bottle of water.

Then we walked to the Painting with a Twist place. It was dark!!!

We knocked on the locked door with not response. Amanda called the number on the door, explained we were here and two guys came out of the back. They unlocked the door and apologized. It seems there weren't enough people who signed up, so this class was cancelled!

The said they had sent out an email (I wasn't on the computer) and we would get our money refunded in 3-4 weeks!!!

We were bummed.

Neither one of us had eaten dinner, so we walked across a side street to a Bar Louie (Amanda said they had good food). But there was a long line of people waiting for tables. Back in the car, she tried another restaurant she said was close and good. A 20 minute wait there! What the hell? It's Wednesday, folks, not the weekend.

We ended up at Buddy's. I got my usual, a cup of soup and the individual antipasto salad. I couldn't finish all the salad, so I took the rest home in a box.

Amanda drove me home and we agreed to try again, just not at the Dearborn place.

I checked my email, and they did send out a cancellation notice. But, they sent it at 4:00 p.m. (a bit late, I thought) and I wasn't on the computer. I changed clothes and read until bedtime.

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