Friday, November 3, 2017

Then it was Thursday...

It has started raining before I went to sleep Wednesday night and was raining harder here when I woke up Thursday morning.

I finished the Blog post and two cups of coffee. Then I went and made some scrambled eggs with the last of the rye bread as toast.

I shaved, showered and got dressed in work clothes (long pants for a change).

In Vicky's morning text, she described the day as gloomy. And, it damn sure was!

I got the gloves I bought yesterday and another pad of steel wool and started rubbing the cradle.

Sidebar: This is working, but it is very labor intensive.

With the gloomy day (and my mood), I decided I needed more comfort food. I decided on spaghetti. So, I skipped lunch and drove to the little grocery store on Joy Road and Beech Daly, dressed like a bum.

I bought some Johnsonville sweet Italian sausage,  a box of sliced crimini mushrooms, a big can of whole tomatoes, a big can of tomato puree, a soup-can sized can of tomato sauce and a little can of tomato paste. Oh, and I grabbed a bag of chips for my sandwich meals. And a box of thin spaghetti.

Sidebar: As you probably know, I keep boxes of various pasta on hand and replace them when I use them. But, I like thick spaghetti (and it seems no one else does). Since I intended to give away most of this (don't want to eat spaghetti leftovers for a week), I thought "thin" would work better this time.

I wanted the sauce to simmer for hours. so I started it when I got back home.  First, I cooked the Italian sausage.

Since they look like brats, I cooked them like brats. I sprayed the Dutch oven (normally I would use a frying pan, but no sense dirtying another pan). I cooked the sausage on medium high, turning them often until they browned (about five minutes). Then I carefully added 1/2 cup of water to the pot, put the lid on it and simmered them for another 12 minutes. I pulled them out and let them cool.

I dumped the liquid from the Dutch oven, added more olive oil and browned a pound of ground chuck I had thawed. I added salt and a lot of black pepper to the meat. While that was browning, I sliced up one large onion and minced two cloves of garlic.

I pulled the ground chuck with a slotted spoon and set that in a bowl. I did not drain the pan this time, but added the onions and mushrooms. I threw in a handful of chopped yellow and red peppers I had in the freezer.

While the onions and mushrooms softened, I put the can of whole tomatoes in a big bowl and crushed them in my hands. I added two tablespoon of  Italian seasoning and then the can of tomato puree.Then I cut the Italian sausage into half-inch rounds.

When the onions and 'srooms were ready, I dumped in the tomatoes from the bowl. Then I added a can of tomato sauce and a little can of tomato paste. I let that come up to a boil and then turned it down to simmer. I added in the ground chuck and the sausage rounds.

That's when I noticed I'd forgotten to saute the damn garlic. So, I got my little non-stick frying pan (so much for a one pot wonder dinner) and sauteed them in more olive oil for a couple of minutes. Then, I dumped them into the Dutch oven.

I taste-tested it and it was pretty good, but kind of acidic. So I added in two tablespoons of sugar (one at a time, then a taste). Now, other than more salt (which I like but did not add), it was perfect.

I let that simmer for two hours. I sent a text to Amanda, letting her know I had extra spaghetti for her family's dinner if she wanted to pick it up after work. She was thrilled!

Sidebar: I doubt it was my spaghetti, but more that she wouldn't have to make dinner after working until five.

So, I made the spaghetti around 4:30 p.m. After I drained it, I added some of the sauce to it. Note: this recipe always makes too much sauce. So, I put some sauce in a quart container and more in a pint container. I left myself two means of spaghetti and put the rest in my big Tupperware bowl. I put that and the pint of sauce (in case they need more) into a Westborn plastic bag.

My brother Carl called and we had an interesting chat.

She showed up around 6:00 p.m.(she had some customers show up just before her normal quitting time).

She laughed at the way I was dressed. I said, "Hey, I wore these pants to the store." She shook her head and said, "It's not your pants." I was wearing a black t-shirt that I had used for painting the white primer on the cradle and there was a big blob of it on my left boob. She pointed to that and said, "You look like you're lactating!"

Sidebar: Women are weird...

She left to get Keldon and I warmed up my dinner. I added some table salt, topped it with grated Parmesan cheese and it was excellent!!!

There was NOTHING on TV, so I turned to Netflix and watched some old Sherlock episodes.

In the middle of that, Amanda called to thank me (again) and said they all loved the spaghetti and they ate it all up in one sitting. So, that turned out good.

I went to bed around midnight.


  1. You never call me to give me spaghetti

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  3. She drives right by my street on her way home, dude. Somehow, no matter how good it might be, I don't think you'd make the drive, LOL