Monday, November 13, 2017

Sunday's Story

I woke up late on Sunday. I had a couple cups of coffee, watching the news. Then I ate some waffles for breakfast.

Since it was Sunday, I did all the Sunday chores, except for washing the bedding. I did that yesterday.

I started filling in what turned out to be a long Blog post. But, I decided I needed to go to the store, first.

Sidebar: I had planned to make an early Sunday dinner: Mushroom meatloaf with baked acorn squash. I figured I'd eat in before going to Bingo. But, I needed mushrooms. I also wanted to make a tomato soup recipe Jake sent me, but that called for San Marzano's whole, peeled Italian tomatoes.

So, since it would be a quick trip, I skipped my shave and shower. I threw on the pants and shirt I'd worn the night before (I dug them out of the laundry basket) and headed out.

It was snowing lightly on the way to Kroger's.

I got the mushroom easily enough, but they didn't carry ANY whole, peeled Italian (or plum) tomatoes.

Sidebar: San Marzanos are a plum tomato variety with thick flesh, relatively few seeds, and a sweeter, less acidic flavor than other tomato varieties.

So, I got the mushrooms. The snow had turned to a steady, light rain. I drove through it to Westborn. They didn't carry the San Marzanos, either!!!

But they did have another brand of whole, peeled Italian (or plum) tomatoes. So, I bought those.

I got home and was just treating the cat when the phone rang. It was Amanda and she said she needed a big favor. She asked if I would watch Keldon for less than an hour while she ran some errand (apparently, all her normal babysitters were out of town or at work).

Now Keldon's eight years old and we seem to get along fine, so I said, "Sure." She hung up and I thought about it. I called her back and asked her what the going rate for this gig was (thinking I could add it to my list of possible money-generating side jobs).

She said she only made $10.85 cents in tips on Saturday, so it didn't pay anything. I said, "I'm just playing" and crossed babysitting off the list.

I no longer had the time to shave and shower before they showed up. So, I didn't (yuck). And, I was just wearing my usual shorts and t-shirt.

Keldon had brought some action figures from the Justice League and so we sat in the living room while he explained who each was, his strengths and weaknesses, etc.

I showed him how to turn on the fireplace and asked if he wanted an apple or something. He declined the snack idea.

Amanda called and said she was finished and asked if I had lunch. I said no and she said neither did she or Keldon. She also said she was running out of time for her next appointment, so could I take Keldon and meet her at Archie's restaurant. Apparently, buying me lunch was my babysitting payback.

So, we grabbed up all his toys and headed out. We pulled in right behind her.

Apparently, she is having her friend Angie dye her hair and needed to be there around 1:30 p.m.

So, she ordered the French onion soup and a side salad. Keldon got spaghetti off the kids menu and I ordered one of the Sunday specials, stuffed cabbage.

I finished the mashed potatoes, green beans and one of the two stuffed cabbage (everything was pretty good by the way). Neither of them finished, so we asked for three boxes and the check.

Amanda said she would see me later today (I promised to go to bingo with her and her mother, Fran) and left in a hurry. I went home and got there about 2:00 p.m.

I was stuffed from lunch, so there was no reason to make the meatloaf dinner. I didn't have enough time (nor willpower) to paint the crib and everything else was more or less clean from all my weekend visitors.

So, I decided the best option was to take a nap. I set the alarm and dozed off.

I woke up to the alarm, shaved, showered and got dressed. I swear Amanda said she would text or call me when she left her Mother's house. So, I waited. I got a call at 5:40 (it starts at 6:00 on Sunday) asking me where I was. I said, "Sitting here in the house, waiting for your text." She said she forgot that... So, I raced to Bingo (not far).

Neither Amanda or I won anything. Her Mother, Fran, won $108.00 dollars!

When it was almost over, Amanda asked her mother if she was hungry. Fran said no, she was just tired. She asked me and I said, "I could eat." It had been over six hours since lunch. So, she drove her mother home and I drove to the Ram's Horn on Middle Belt and Joy. I got us a booth and a water and hot chocolate for her. I took a water and a cup of coffee (for a change). This damn persistent rain and cold were finally getting to me.

She showed up a few minutes later. I ordered blueberry pancakes (they are really good there) while she got French toast.

Sidebar: Ram's Horn has good breakfasts.

I paid for my for my pancakes (apparently the babysitting gig is not an option, LOL). We made our goodbyes and I drove home. I treated the cat and sent my obligatory text and then undressed. It was after 10:30 p.m. and football was on the TV. So, I passed and read until bedtime.

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