Sunday, November 5, 2017

Saturday's Story

I got up for good at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday. I had a cup of coffee once the news came on. Then I did the Blog post. I put the bedding in the wash after I noticed Caley had thrown up on it during the night. I was glad I hadn't rolled into it, LOL!

I had saved the egg wash from the eggplant last night (why not?). I added another egg after whisking it. Then I made scrambled eggs with toast for breakfast.

I unloaded the dish washer so I could put the breakfast dishes in. I had to hand wash the large skillet and the two half-sheet pans. It never ends...

My son, Jake, called and we caught each other up on current events.

When the dryer stopped, I remade the bed. Then I changed all the changeable clocks back one hour (so I wouldn't forget).

At 10:15 a.m., I shaved, showered and got dressed for the next adventure.

At 11:15 a.m., Amanda and Keldon came to pick me up. It's $5.00 ticket day at both Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum.

Sidebar: Since the tickets for either event normally cost around $30.00 each, this was a big deal.

When we got there,all the handicap parking places were full, but the parking lot was half empty (Unlike the Halloween adventure, when people were parking on the grass a half mile away).

Three tickets for Greenfield Village, three tickets for the Henry Ford Museum and $6.50 for parking cost a mere total of $36.50!

It was supposed to start raining after 2:00 p.m. so our plan was to start in the Village and see in some houses, eat lunch at the Eagle Tavern (both Amanda and Scott raved about it when we were here for Halloween) and take the train back (to save my legs) to the museum.

So, we toured an old farmhouse (all the employees were dressed in appropriate garb), the farm, Thomas Edison's house and then a glass blowing factory.

Then we crossed the street to the "House of Glass" which Amanda said was new. So, we checked out some new and antique glass items.

Notice the city-scape on the rim.
We went to the house Henry Ford grew up in and another house that was built in 1845 that had bizarre wallpaper. It changed as you moved from side to side. Pretty impressive for that time period!

We passed a print shop and Amanda and Keldon went it. I elected to sit outside in the cold to rest my legs. I asked Amanda if she had a Kleenex (my nose was running from the cold and I forgot to bring any). She said no, but she did have a napkin she gave me out of her purse. I sat on a bench and blew my nose. I looked down and saw a wad of cash! Nobody was around to ask if they lost it, so I picked it up. It was $33.00!

When Amanda came back, I asked her if she kept paper money in the bottom of her purse (thinking it might have been stuck to the napkin). She said no, she keeps bills in her wallet. So,I explained what I found.

Next, we went to the carousel. At Halloween, it was full of ghosts. Today it was just a few parents and their kids. I volunteered to be the photographer and sat on another bench.

From there, we went to the Eagle Tavern. Again, everyone was dressed in period costumes. But, heated by several wood-burning fireplaces, it was deliciously warm!

Amanda and I both ordered the broiled lake trout with carrots and small boiled potatoes. Amanda asked for an extra plate and shared her lunch with Keldon. They brought cornbread muffins, some sort of bran muffins and dinner rolls. They were accompanied by a big dish of butter and homemade blueberry jam.

Then came the main dish.

Sidebar: The sides (not sure about the trout) were all grown on the village farm, I was told.

The food was excellent! Scott and Amanda did not lie. I never had lake trout before, but this was fantastic.

I tried to give some of my food to Keldon (I couldn't eat it all) but he was full, too. Amanda took some of my fish, but I had to leave some very good carrots and potatoes on my plate.

When we left, we found the train wasn't running that day. It was too cold for the open horse-drawn carriages or the Model T's, so we just walked to the Henry Ford Museum.

We checked out about half of it, before I started to stumble.

Keldon on a corn picker
I used to drive to high school in a car like this!
Amanda noticed and suggested she go get the car and pick me up. I reminded her we had only seen the front half of Greenfield Village and now not the entire museum. She said we'd come back when it was warmer, but we were going home NOW!

I gave in but refused to stay and wait to be picked up (although its stupid, I still have my pride). So, we all walked to the car (it wasn't that freakin' far away) and drove home.

She wanted to take Keldon to the new movie "Thor" (they had gone Friday night but all the tickets were sold out). She asked me to come, but I declined (all I wanted to do was to lay down and rest my legs).

She checked out theaters nearby, found one in Westland and (this time) bought the tickets online. They had about an hour to kill before showtime so we sat in the living room and bullshitted until it was time for them to leave.

About a half hour before their departure, a thunderstorm moved in (we never got any rain at the Village or Museum). It was raining hard when they left, so I urged her to drive careful.

About 4:30 p.m, the thunderstorm kicked up a notch. I sat on the couch with my legs up, watched the lightning and listened to the thunder. Impressive!!! Sometime during that, Amanda called to tell me Keldon loved the movie and they were headed home.

When the storm started to slack off, I ate a Celebrex and went to bed to watch some TV.

When I was hungry, I made a bologna sandwich. But, this time I used my brother Carl's suggestion and fried the bologna first and ate it with mayonnaise. Delicious.

I fell asleep waiting for the11:00 p.m. news.

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